• Li
  • maravila
    25 Feb '15

    yay first again, I'm on a roll!

    Hmmm turtle Taxi doesn't seem to be to reliable, got to keep that in mind ;)

  • idle
    25 Feb '15

    If you have a towel, you should be OK for any ride.

  • Adam Boosh
    Adam Boosh
    26 Feb '15

    Are you sure you gave the right directions for your home? Well, for the turtle to understand at least.. cx

  • Jon Spy
    Jon Spy
    26 Feb '15

    Nice duckie polo

  • Now-that-all-other-Billys-are-silenced-I-am-Billy
    26 Feb '15

    I like that the light goes out of your eyes in the last panel, as if seeing your impending sea-related doom.

  • Joel
    26 Feb '15

    Best hover text ever.

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    28 Feb '15

    Yay fun!

  • Kilby
    9 Aug '15

    One might say that the hover text is "über" the drawing ;-)

  • J
    2 Jan '16

    Turtle beef best type of beef