• Li
    11 Feb '15

    We reached 40,000 likes on our facebook page this week! Woop woop! Thank you so much for your awesome support. All your lovely emails, comments, messages, likes, and shares really encourage me to keep making more comics and art. This is also a good time to remind you that although I only post comics once a week here, I post drawings/doodles/photos almost daily on facebook, twitter, instagram, and google+ so have a look!

    Oh and thanks for all the suggestions for stuff we should do on our Europe trip! I’ve been noting everything down :D

  • Totz the Plaid
    Totz the Plaid
    11 Feb '15

    I dunno, I think space physicists would like the bird:

    "Assume a spherical bird in a vacuum..."

  • idle
    11 Feb '15

    What's wrong with sausage dogs? You'd just need a little longer broom.

  • Zemyla
    11 Feb '15

    That jellyfish is just thrilled to be there.

  • Josephine
    12 Feb '15

    Jellyfish familiar is the best familiar. It's so happy!

  • Benjamin
    12 Feb '15

    Hah, "This frog".

    Most frogs are pretty cool, but this frog? ... nah

  • Xeno!
    12 Feb '15

    None can defy the will of Half Eaten Sandwich!

    12 Feb '15

    two grapes are /AT LEAST/ Twice As Dumb As One Grape!

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    12 Feb '15

    Am feeling kind of peckish actually...

  • You
    12 Feb '15

    I didn't know what a familiar was when I started reading. I worked it out :D It isn't a familiar term though.

  • Chris
    12 Feb '15

    If you've played Seven Days to Die that half eaten sandwich can be converted into VERY useful antibiotics!

  • Joel
    12 Feb '15

    That jellyfish was an excellent choice of familiar.

  • Todd
    12 Feb '15

    Is it just me or are the stars pulsing?

  • Ana
    13 Feb '15

    What a helpful familiar a half eaten sandwich would be. :)

  • Anthea
    9 Apr '15

    Hmm I'm pretty into Rotund Bird, I must say :)

  • Kyle Levesque
    Kyle Levesque
    25 May '17

    Worst Witch flashback :)