• Li
    4 Feb '15

    Jordan and I are going to Europe later this year! We’re planning on going to Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris. So let us know what places to visit and what things we should do! At the moment I’m super excited about Miniatur Wunderland. It looks WUNDERBAR.

  • Lena
    5 Feb '15

    I'm from Hamburg and can recommend the Miniatur Wunderland. Take your time because there's so much to see! Have fun on the trip!

  • Manny
    5 Feb '15

    I've been told food in Lyon is incredible, delicious and wayy less expensive than in Paris.

  • Michael
    5 Feb '15

    If you decide to stop in Strasbourg I will be happy to be your guide :)

  • Franck
    5 Feb '15

    If you go to Hamburg, St-pauli is overated... There is the Horror Dungeon to see (it is not too scary... Thought it provide some nice moment) and it is very funny. I know they have some english speaking session, or can program it if they have enough demands, so you should check that.

    Also, they have some nice Bakery and you need to try the Franzbrotchen. I eat like, one every day each time I go there. Can't get enough of it.

    If you go to paris, well, is it usefull that I say you should see the Eiffel tower ? But also Disney Land. Or maybe the Asterix parc (Le Parc Asterix). But that's outside Paris...

    Cologne (Köln) in Germany is nice, there is the place in front of the cathedral to see. Since you like japan and videogames, you should check if you can assist to the gamescom. I've been there, it was nice. So many beautifull cosplay. I'm still in love with a girl that was cosplaying Midona from The Legend of Zelda : Twillight Princess. It was 3 years ago...

    And in Brussels, you'll get the famous moule frites (Mussels and french fries). Don't ask for french fries there by the way, Belgian people still think they invented it (I'm pretty sure it was invented in the french county next to belgium)... Ask for "frites" (pronounced freet'). And of course you need to try belgian waffles. And belgian chocolate... And Speculoos. It is like Nutella, except it is not chocolate but sugar and cinnanon, and it is awesome. You can have it in paste, or the original biscuit. With Earl grey tea.

  • Myrthe.
    5 Feb '15

    Amsterdam now has a permanent Bodyworlds exhibition, the Happiness project (and you can get cheap-ish tickets at which is pretty awesome if you like that sort of stuff... The Netherlands also has something like Miniatur Wunderland, it's called Madurodam and is near the Hague. The Netherlands has lots of things. Just not necessarily in Amsterdam, Amsterdam's a boring tourist trap.

  • Kasey
    5 Feb '15

    In Brussels there is a comic strip museum that I really enjoyed visiting when I was there. Most of it is in French but it's still very neat! And Cologne has a great chocolate museum! Berlin is incredible no matter what you do. Oh! I would also recommend walking through Butcher street in Brussels. It's a little overwhelming but a very fun experience haha.

  • Nathan
    5 Feb '15

    I would never ask this of you unless it was really important. Could you draw a comic of Monty Oum? Just for us out here in the west.

  • Peter
    5 Feb '15

    Amsterdam has a museum dedicated entirely to cats.

  • Barbara
    5 Feb '15

    You should definitely visit Milan during the Expo (May-October 2015)! :)

  • Adrai
    5 Feb '15

    I would recommend Rothenburg, personally - beautiful town.

    Also, ya totes have what it takes!

  • Pete
    5 Feb '15

    Of course in Brussels you should see the sights (such as the Grand Place), explore the small streets around Grand Sablon, you should eat the world famous friets with mayonaise, eat the world famous chocolates, eat the world famous waffles, and drink the world famous beer! Oh, and there are special fruit beers in Belgium, there's a very sour cherry beer brewed in Brussels the traditional way, and they'll let you visit their little brewery - Cantillon Brewery.
    My wife is a huge fan of yours, and I'm sure she'll have suggestions too. :)

  • Tim
    5 Feb '15

    There's this really cool theme park called The Efteling which I went to a few times as a kid. It's really cool and I think you'd love it, Li!

  • Bram
    5 Feb '15

    For Brussels, I can second everything Pete is saying, adding that if you like surrealist art, the Magritte museum is definitely worth the visit :-)

  • Tata
    6 Feb '15

    You're coming to Belgium! :3 Let me know if you need a girl to show you around Brussels!

  • soot
    11 Feb '15

    Yay, I will also be in Europe / Netherlands later this year as well.
    pretty much all this year and all other years for ever and ever :D
    would not recommend Amsterdam unless you want to sight see tourist

  • Maravilla
    11 Feb '15

    You come to Germany? Oh definitely go to Dortmund and meet me XD
    Ok now seriously ;)

    When you are in Hanburg you might want to make a visit to Bremen, it's like half an hour awaqy and such a beautiful city, I must know I was born there ^^ also quiet near it is "Wopswede" a place thqt is famous for having many famous painters come there to draw the beuatiful landscapes. Especially the sunsets are wonderful to look at!
    And when you are in Berlin I'd recomend making a day trip to Potsdam, it's reallynear and a very beautifull city ^^

  • Katta
    15 Feb '15

    Berlin offers a tremendous lot of things to see. Typical things are Berlin Wall (duh), Checkpoint Charlie and Brandenburger Tor. However, the Holocaust Memorial Site is very beautifully done. I also recommend a short trip to Potsdam, and a visit to Synagogues and Movie museums. And Alexanderplatz and.. gosh I've been there so often and there's always something new to see..

  • Michelle
    4 Mar '15

    Aw, Shoelace is doing the "beg face" from Bolt in panel three :)
    I love how you can pack so much emotion and expression into this simple style. It's cute and beautiful and HAS SUCH PERF.

  • Ariane
    22 May '15

    In Cologne, I'd highly recommend the Chocolate Museum! The Dom is also very impressive there.