• Li

    28 Jan '15

    I know it's winter in the Northern Hemisphere but it's boiling hot here in New Zealand so listen to crab!

    Also, Valentines day is coming up! Perhaps ya babe would like some sweet sweet exocomics stuff? A book, drawing, or print, perhaps?

  • Alejandro Monteagudo

    29 Jan '15

    I still remember your summer christmass drawing... it was quite shocking for me, but it was fun.

  • Reeeeed

    29 Jan '15

    And you guys have got the good sunscreen lotion! Heard on the radio that here in the US we have vastly inferior sunscreens than NZ, Australia and Europe

  • Bob Bobertson

    29 Jan '15

    We have inferior sunscreen because we have inferior sun. Due to the angular rotation of the earth we can only see the shoddy side of the sun from here.

  • Tim

    29 Jan '15

    Summer has been truly unbearable for me. I can't have my blinds open because that lets the sun in to fade all the cool stuff in my room. But doing that renders my windows useless because the blinds basically block all the air flow! And I can't open my door because that causes doors the slam because of the air flowing through the house. And I have to work in my room because the workstation is being used as a sleepout! Net result: Hot misery.

  • Franck

    29 Jan '15

    I'm just gonna pretend you're covered in snow.

  • Sander

    29 Jan '15

    I miss the heat.

  • nutmegcandy

    29 Jan '15

    well in northern coastal california often we get a heat wave in january, so actually it was 80F two days ago. definitely beach tyme! with crab.

  • Laura

    29 Jan '15

    This should be an add for skin protection! Its gorgeous and educational

  • Sara

    29 Jan '15

    Slip, slap, slop!, says crab.

  • sarah penguin

    30 Jan '15


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