• Li

    21 Jan '15

    This comic is based loosely on a real story. I once folded a tiiiiny paper crane and my friend asked to see it. But when I gave it to him, he popped it into his mouth and ate it. Jordan laughed a lot. RIP Tiny Crane :(

    In happier news, I drew some new drawings for the store in the weekend, take a look!

  • Belliave

    21 Jan '15

    Nooo Jordannn! That's now how you friends!

  • Bob Bobertson

    22 Jan '15

    Now how, brown cow.

  • Franck

    22 Jan '15

    One day, Jordan will break the internet.

  • Jessie

    22 Jan '15

    Li, that happened to the first tiny crane I made! My boyfriend ate it!

  • JesterofRonoake

    22 Jan '15

    He ate the crane? Did his wish at least come true? Or does that mean that the opposite of his wish comes true.

  • Tiff

    22 Jan '15

    He doesn't want to be friends, he wants to be more then friends ;) MEGA BEST FRIENDS!!!!

  • John

    22 Jan '15

    He's wearing it on the inside.

  • Chris

    22 Jan '15

    He just wants to feel your affection from the inside?

  • Hana

    22 Jan '15

    The same exact thing happened to me with my ex

  • pyrodice

    22 Jan '15

    ...now YOU have to eat YOURS!

  • Katt

    23 Jan '15

    Using red liquorice was the fatal mistake..... :)

  • RocknRollPewPew

    23 Jan '15

    I once stole and ate my friend's fortune cookie fortune after lunch. After I swallowed that delicious piece of paper I declared that his good fortune was now mine alone. He was sad the rest of the day and I couldn't be happier. BAST FRANDS FOREVAR

  • Xeno!

    24 Jan '15

    Believe it as hard as you can't!

  • J-rod

    27 Jan '15

    Seeing Xeno's screen name and after playing "Alien: Isolation," I really want to see Li hiding from a Xeno Shoelace.

  • SomeGuy

    28 Jan '15

    Hi, I've been to a billion webcomic sites and I just found yours, and I have to say your drawing skills have progressed so far! I love your style and your humor is soo perfect! (I'm so glad you don't exaggerate either, I hate those people.) Keep up the great work. You're awesome!

  • Justin

    30 Jan '15

    Just found your site and I think it's awesome. :D

  • Rob

    31 Jan '15

    Shoelace is now terrified. Nice going, Jordan...

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