• Li

    14 Dec '09

    A day in the park with Li and Shoelace :)

  • Raunak

    27 Feb '10

    And that looks absolutely beautiful ... Great artwork, by the way.

  • Cole Jones

    24 Apr '10

    Why Is it always the same people that comment??? By the wayI stumbled upon this website and I absolutely love it!

  • Meche

    11 Aug '10

    Wow this is awesome! I really like your comic ^_^

  • Anna

    23 Aug '10

    I love the way you depict your relationship with your cat (and your cat!)

  • Lauren

    28 Aug '10

    Hi, I'm Lauren from WI, USA and I just found your comic. I love it, its sweet and innocent and really really well drawn. My cat is just like Shoelace.

  • blodgett

    19 Sep '10

    shoelace's shadow doesn't have a tail? o_O

  • yerania

    25 Nov '10

    that is very prettty

  • Serge

    27 Nov '10

    It's strips like these that I could just stare at for a long time. Simply amazing.

  • Noelle

    27 Nov '10

    :( My cat is too fat to play in the park with. He just sleeps and is lazy ^_^

  • Boran

    21 Jan '11

    Make me miss my home... (sniff)

  • Allyn

    07 Mar '11

    Awesome drawing, love it!

  • Lucas

    08 Mar '11

    Your cat must be so fun

  • Femke

    13 Jul '11

    My cat is exactly like Noelle's cat.

  • nighthawk

    22 Jul '11

    Sooooo cute!! Love your comic.

  • Huh

    04 Aug '11

    mm.....this reminds me of a really sad animated short film I saw once. I forgot the name but it started out with a dad getting onto a rowboat and sailing off while his little girl watches him. The water is supposed to be a metaphor for death. Anyways....that short film was really touching to me and the row of trees in that picture reminds me of the row of trees in that short film.

  • Jelly-being

    04 Sep '11

    Ooooooh, after reading these comics I really want a kitty!

  • Jackson

    14 Dec '11

    love the comic sent the url to my fiance I just know she's gonna love it too

  • Tristan

    23 Jan '14

    Oooohh. Pretty pretty pretty. You're so talented!

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