• Li
    7 Jan '15

    Happy new year everyone! Hope you had an awesome holiday, and enjoyed the doodles and drawings that I posted on facebook, instagram, and twitter over the break.

    I’ve updated a couple of things on the site recently. Firstly we have a new header! Exocomics started in 2009 and since then we’ve had four different headers so I made this. It was weird to see how much the artwork has changed over the years. Li’s eyes are shrinking!

    I added a bunch of old stock to the prints page, which are on sale. Also for the next week, all original drawings are on sale for NZ$40 (they are usually NZ$50).

    That’s about it for now, see ya next week!

  • Tim
    7 Jan '15

    They shrink indeed! Will that mean a new "Li peeks" footer to match?

  • Chee Meng Au Yong
    Chee Meng Au Yong
    8 Jan '15

    I'll just leave this here...

    Smarter Everyday -

  • Anthony
    8 Jan '15

    Awww! I have never seen Jordan-fly emergence before! So cute! :D

  • ZeroHelix
    8 Jan '15

    Sunflora, Beedrill and Meowth?

  • Alejandro
    8 Jan '15

    interesting :3

  • Ody
    8 Jan '15

    Ok I will say the obvious:
    Tinker Jordan?
    Jordan Bell?

  • Russell
    10 Feb '15

    *russell russell russell* "Yes?" :)