• Li

    17 Dec '14

    Merry Christmas everybowd! This is the last comic for the year! I'm taking two weeks off so the next comic will be on the 7th of January. In the meantime I'll still be posting sketches and doodles to my facebook, twitter, and instagram as usual.

    I've also added a few new drawings to the store this week. Remember each one is unique so once it's sold it's gone forever!

    Thanks again for an awesome year. Making comics wouldn't be nearly as fun without all your kind words of encouragement. I hope you all have a safe and happy holidays and I'll see you again soon :D

  • Damien

    17 Dec '14

    Wait, the meat was just lying in the bushes??

  • Jag

    17 Dec '14

    It's a meat bush!

  • flowblok

    17 Dec '14

    Wait… that’s not a lion, that’s a cat with a furry collar!

  • Daniel

    17 Dec '14

    There's steak in the bushes. Is this Age of Empires or something?

  • Bonabopn

    18 Dec '14

    Why is there steak in the bush? Simple. It's a zoo, the zookeepers hid the meat to make them hunt for it.

  • Ronald

    18 Dec '14

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, Jordan, and Shoelace :D Thank you for all the smiles this year :)

  • Nitin

    18 Dec '14

    Lion is AWESOME!!! We want Lion prints! Specially with meat... But with a better eating look... That one seems smudged...

  • Xeno!

    18 Dec '14

    Obviously that lion invested his 50 dollars wisely in a meat bush. Since they're only 20 dollars (as you are no doubt aware) he spent the other 30 dollars on day-before postage.

  • Tim

    18 Dec '14

    You're welcome, Li! The exocomics books still give me fun and enjoyment whenever I read them!

  • BlackBear

    19 Dec '14

    Merry Christmas Kitten!

  • Franck

    24 Dec '14

    Oh Lion give me one more chance... Won't you please let me Pet you for a a while. Oh Lion I was blind to all the meaaat... Now, I, just, try, to, get, Christmas done. Yes I do now. I want a steak. Sweet sweet Rib-Eye I want a steak Ya, ya, ya, ya I want a steak Na, na, na, na

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