• Li

    10 Dec '14

    Hello! Hope you're having an awesome week. Just a reminder that you can still purchase shirts in time for Christmas!

  • Xeno!

    10 Dec '14

    Forev is the minimum period of time required to gain the trust of the mushrooms.

  • yellow103

    11 Dec '14

    Can't resist... must make pun... Hey, those are some fun guys. Ugh. Alright I'm done here.

  • Joel

    11 Dec '14

    Li, that outfit is adorb.

  • john

    11 Dec '14

    Too bad you weren't foraging for spiders, you would have been done by panel three.

  • Ruby M.

    11 Dec '14

    Wait... Don't you hate mushrooms?

  • Anthony

    12 Dec '14

    I usually find mushrooms inside levitating cubes marked with question marks.

  • Rincewind

    13 Dec '14

    Looks like Shoelace is about to initiate the "Butt Wiggle 'O Doom" in that last panel.

  • Anna

    13 Dec '14

    I just saw your work on the cover of Rip it Up, it looked awesome!

  • Baris

    15 Dec '14

    Badger? Badger? Badger? Badger? Mushroom? MUSHROOOOM?!?

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