• Li

    26 Nov '14

    I finally updated the shirts section of the store this week! We also moved it from Cafepress to Spreadshirt, which allows me to fine tune the placements and I think the new shirt store looks a lot better. Here are the new designs:

    New shirt designs

    Also don't forget if you want to purchase anything from the exocomics store for Christmas please do it asap or it might not arrive in time!

  • jake

    26 Nov '14

    First! I would do the same :D

  • luke

    26 Nov '14

    Cookies were destined to be eaten. Immediately. And also those crunchy nut cupcake things you can make who's awesome name I forget (but I can never forget the taste).

  • Ernesto

    26 Nov '14

    Me too, I'm on a "diet" right now and my soul dies a little everyday ... I miss my cookies and nutella ._.'

  • najodleglejszy

    27 Nov '14

    what's the fuss about? it's the only logical solution.

  • Franck

    27 Nov '14

    @ najodleglejszy True, Summer cookies wouldn't fit in winter, they lack the winter touch of Cinnanom. They had to be eaten.

  • e

    27 Nov '14


  • dha

    28 Nov '14


  • Maple

    28 Nov '14

    LI NO -squirt squirt- bad Li

  • Nimz

    03 Dec '14

    That poor earthworm got tossed out of its home. ): Would it be fair to guess at least one of the wishes granted by the wizard last time was summer cookies?

  • tony

    18 Dec '14

    winter came early

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