• Li
    19 Nov '14

    Just a reminder that for most of you the shipping deadline for Christmas is the 2nd of December (unless you live in NZ or Australia) so if you want to buy anything from the exocomics store do it soon. There’s a lot of ocean between New Zealand and the rest of ya!

  • Tim B
    Tim B
    19 Nov '14

    This is normal. This is how all wishes work. It's the process of diminishing returns. It looks rather silly, but its a hassle in the office. So much paperwork just to melt me down, man. You have no idea. By the way, my hat has sparkles. SPARKLES! Look at it! Smell it! SMELL IT! Now make your wishes already! COME ON!!!

  • Joel
    20 Nov '14

    Yay, the return of hover text!

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    20 Nov '14

    *giggles* :)

  • Sander
    20 Nov '14

    Oh my god, save him!

  • Xeno!
    20 Nov '14

    This comic would be completely different if the wizard were frowning and wet and green and steaming and crying out "Oh! What a world! What a world!" (Original Concept Do Not Steal)

  • arlani
    21 Nov '14


  • Chris
    22 Nov '14

    How could you leave that wizard to a fate like that :O

  • Hazzy
    22 Nov '14

    I misread that as "tree" wishes and laughed at the pun that never happened

  • gws
    10 Dec '19

    The Wizard Of Ooze