• Li
    12 Nov '14

    I hope you’re all having a good week! Jordan moved into a new office and the place is massive so I got some artwork framed for the new place. Now they can keep him company while he’s codin'

  • Zemyla
    12 Nov '14

    Just like a wasp, if a wasp was using your computer.

  • Chaerin2ne1
    12 Nov '14


  • Xeno!
    13 Nov '14

    In the Li shell game, everyone wins... because there's only one shell. My scam is a poorly planned one.

  • Franck
    13 Nov '14

    I want to learn this trick. I may travel to New Zealand just to learn it from Master Jordan. If he accept me as his padawan, of course.

  • Jonathan Berman
    Jonathan Berman
    13 Nov '14

    Catch and Release is always most humane!

  • Dani Trueargirl
    Dani Trueargirl
    13 Nov '14

    The real impressive pare is how Jordan didn't snag the computer and chair with her.

  • christi
    13 Nov '14

    Good thing it's not snowing where you are!

  • nick
    13 Nov '14


  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    13 Nov '14

    Remember to catch and release your Li's! :)

  • Grumpy Old Man
    Grumpy Old Man
    14 Nov '14

    OMG - that is sooo cute, I do that with spiders and wasps - never thought of getting my ex out of the house that way. (thoughtful pause).

  • Little 12 year old boy on Ze internet
    Little 12 year old boy on Ze internet
    15 Nov '14

    This never works for me :P

  • hmmm.
    16 Nov '14

    The computer had a bug.

  • invisibules
    17 Nov '14

    my mum used to do this to me. Still, that was 35 years ago, and we'd only just invented computers at home.

  • Chris
    22 Nov '14

    For all that effort? He's earned the use of that computer