• Li
    29 Oct '14

    Remember that Volume 3 is now available in the store :D

  • maravilla
    29 Oct '14

    yay first ^^

    and: Awww meanie! WANNA SEE

  • Joel
    29 Oct '14

    This may be my favorite comic of yours yet, Li.

  • Kirby_mongerr
    29 Oct '14

    I would love to see the result of such a welding. And glad to see your back, and shoelace can stop doing the housework, now that Jordan can pick it up.

  • Jonathan Berman
    Jonathan Berman
    30 Oct '14

    The silver lining is that Shoelace has now developed the callouses from housework necessary to play a mean guitar!

    Can wee see a drawing of Shoelace playing a guitar?

  • Tim
    30 Oct '14

    I'm just gonna put it out there that a Li-mails answer sketches segment in between normal updates is something I'd LOVE to see. Anyone in support shout Li-mails!

  • Cameron
    30 Oct '14

    I love the antithesis of not actually showing what that's like.

  • Franck
    30 Oct '14

    But if you do so... Jordan may not be able to go to Japan again !

    Or... or... Sholelace will be able to go to Japan ! Awesome !

  • Xeno!
    30 Oct '14

    I misread this as "wield" and considered the various magical benefits of a Shoelace offhand weapon.

  • Ashezth
    30 Oct '14

    Nice butt picture.

  • chloe
    30 Oct '14

    Think you've just created a new genre there… "cute-horror"

  • lovely chelle
    lovely chelle
    12 Nov '14

    And we finally get to see the ends of Li's glasses! They DO exist! OoO

  • Lisa
    21 Apr '15

    This is kind of dark xD - Need return of fruit cup eating reaper!