• Li

    22 Oct '14

    Volume 3 is now available in the store! Also, you can get Vol 3 and Comic 300 together and save $5. Plus we've reduced the shipping cost for books from now until Christmas!

    I've been getting a lot of messages from people asking if we're planning on reprinting Volumes 1 & 2. We'd really like to, but we don't know when we'll have the funds to do it. In the meantime if you want to collect all the books, it's probably best to buy Volume 3 now, because we can't be sure that all the books will be in stock at the same time :)

  • Fogetti

    23 Oct '14

    Noodles with chopsticks.... Biggest challenge in my life -_-'

  • Floof

    23 Oct '14

    Grumbly chicken is back!

  • Bonabopn

    23 Oct '14

    what is this, noodlers anonymous? ¬.¬

  • Sharky

    23 Oct '14

    Making me so hungry and it's only 7:52 a.m. here in Baltimore...

  • Xaromir

    23 Oct '14

    Ramen! :D Om nom. ^^

  • Franck

    23 Oct '14

    My last bowl of Ramen was really bad... I want this one. This one looks good !

  • David

    23 Oct '14


  • Nugget Bucket

    23 Oct '14

    This needs to become my wallpaper.

  • BubblesAndSuch

    23 Oct '14

    This sums up the first 10 or so episodes of Mind of a Chef! so much ramen! XD (If you've watched it you know what I mean. It's on Netflix)

  • Shaina la reina

    23 Oct '14

    Yes....It's like you've watched me eat a bowl of ramen before...<3

  • Skoddie

    23 Oct '14

    We can has HD wallpaper? :O

  • chloe

    23 Oct '14

    oh man this is just ASKING to be a wallpaper! please?

  • Bailey

    23 Oct '14

    Is Jordan eating.... HAM? *you don't even like ham*

  • Alex

    23 Oct '14

    I want to go to there.

  • Adam

    23 Oct '14

    Now I want ramen, or pho D:

  • Chris

    23 Oct '14

    Hmm, that's about as big as the bowl of ramen I had last week. I think I'm still digesting it.

  • Kilby

    23 Oct '14

    Can anyone decipher the inscription on the lantern? Other than the paw-print, of course.

  • kwan

    24 Oct '14

    You might want to touch bases with Rich Burlew over at The Order of the Stick about using crowdsourcing to get reprints done. He'll probably tell you that it's one heck of a crazy work, but made tons of people deliriously happy when the reprints were out.

  • David

    24 Oct '14

    It says "ramen", Kilby. ラー (ra, the dash symbol extends the vowel sound) メ (me) ン (n)

  • Erika

    29 Oct '14

    Why does the chicken look annoyed? Because he can't use chopsticks with his wings?

  • Zeke

    13 Nov '14

    Does this count as a Naruto crossover?

  • Nesser

    22 Jan '15

    Here, little chicky...

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