• Li

    16 Oct '14

    Hey guys! Hope you're all well. This is me and Jordan's last week in Japan.

    Also if you're a US/Canada Kickstarter backer you should be receiving your books in the mail very soon!

  • bunnitos

    16 Oct '14

    So productive! Time to chill. :3

  • Lunar

    16 Oct '14

    good ol' shoelace keepin' an eye on the roost <3

  • Lo

    16 Oct '14

    no alt text..... somebody is going to be giving birth to one hundred porcupines

  • Xeno!

    16 Oct '14

    I choose to imagine the last panel includes a very short tail and a very long, wiggly back leg.

  • Annieee

    16 Oct '14

    I don't know why, but these comics of Shoelace doing stuff TOTALLY do it for me.

  • Jonathan Berman

    16 Oct '14

    I often wish my cats would help out around the house.

  • Erin @ The Spiffy Cookie

    16 Oct '14

    Ditto to Jonathan.

  • Tim

    16 Oct '14

    Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen Ji or Lordan do any housework themselves! It was Loeshace all along!

  • Kilby

    16 Oct '14

    He neither eats, nor sleeps, QED: that's not a cat.

  • Thomas

    19 Oct '14

    Is there a tumblr for these...

  • Dayra

    22 Oct '14

    Shoelace is very busy lately :3

  • Snorkels

    22 Oct '14

    Good kitty. :)

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