• Li

    09 Oct '14

    Today Jordan and I went to Universal Studios Japan! We had butterbeer and went on lots of rides. The end.

  • Christi

    09 Oct '14

    Shoelace is very busy.

  • Sander

    09 Oct '14

    Wow, making it all shiny by just cleaning two spots. Magic!

  • Brad

    09 Oct '14

    Aw he's so cute when he's being responsible :D

  • Miles

    09 Oct '14

    I went to thee grand opening of Universal Studios in Osaka some... 13+ years ago? It was my first time going to a Universal Studios. It was fun.

  • Bonabopn

    09 Oct '14

    Aaaand then it'll be twice as messy when you get back. :3

  • Neva

    09 Oct '14

    From slob Shoelace to tidy Shoelace

  • Leon DK

    09 Oct '14

    Heart mug reminds me of the one Zee Captain drinks from :D

  • Kirby_mongerr

    09 Oct '14

    Shoelace, keeping it tidy while you and jordan are away!

  • Xeno!

    09 Oct '14

    The fifth panel is ice skating mice.

  • Kilby

    09 Oct '14

    Spilling hot chocolate is more effective when the table is clean.

  • Mimi

    11 Oct '14

    Li. LI. I swear to god Li if I put my mouse over one more comic and all that's there is the comic number I will give birth to one hundred porcupines and DO YOU WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THAT like 33%, maybe 37% of your comic's funniness was in the mouse-over!

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