• Li

    02 Oct '14

    Hello! Sorry today's comic is a bit later than usual, Jordan and I just arrived in Tokyo! :D

  • Lee

    02 Oct '14

    I love Chip brand chips

  • Kathryn

    02 Oct '14

    This is so cute. Also I can relate to this so much ahhhh lets be couch potatoes together

  • heather

    02 Oct '14

    whew! that lo0ks exhausting, i need a nap now.

  • nicole

    02 Oct '14

    mr mouse always steals my popcorn too

  • idle

    02 Oct '14

    I didn't even notice the mouse. I guess me and Shoelace have a lot in common.

  • Nathan

    02 Oct '14

    Cat Weekly must be quite the entertaining periodical to warrant such a bountiful pillow throne.

  • Alex

    02 Oct '14

    Uh, Tokyo. I'm living here for a year as an exchange student. Hope you're having a good time!

  • jo

    02 Oct '14

    awwww shoelace.. living the life <3

  • Joel

    02 Oct '14

    @Lee, not as much as I love Donut! brand donuts.

  • peebeenojay

    02 Oct '14


  • lexia

    02 Oct '14

    The mouse is cute. I hope it grabs a doughnut what's it's name?

  • Fern

    02 Oct '14

    Me too, Shoelace.

  • Tim

    02 Oct '14

    Chip! Donut! I'm surprised the glass didn't have "Juice!" written on it. Totally adorable mouse, too!

  • Floof

    03 Oct '14

    I almost didn't even notice the little mousey. Aww!

  • Franck

    04 Oct '14

    I'm pretty sure this is exactly what is happening while Li and Jordan are in Japan.

  • biggo

    12 Oct '14

    So you were in Tokyo while I was in Tokyo AND WE DIDN'T MEET. Weird, huh?

  • Alex

    15 Oct '14

    Welcome to Japan! Hope the taifun didn't ruin your stay.

  • crumplehat

    27 Aug '16

    i think shoelace should be reading puss week which is totally legit

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