• Li

    24 Sep '14

    Hey guys! Jordan and I are going to Japan for the next two and a half weeks! If you want to see what we're up to while we're away, you can always follow us on twitter. See ya when we get back! :D

  • pumpkinsam

    24 Sep '14

    Have a great trip! When you're looking for cool things to see over there, don't forget to look down: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2014/03/the-beauty-of-japans-artistic-manhole-covers/

  • Vinny

    24 Sep '14

    have a great time! :D Poor Shoelace going to the shelter/Cat Motel for 2 weeks then :P Vampire café in Tokyo... https://plus.google.com/101784364621078485356

  • Robyn

    25 Sep '14

    I expect these books in the store asap

  • Betsy

    25 Sep '14

    Fantastic punch line! Made me lol. Have a good trip in Japan! Get all the little things!

  • Drew

    25 Sep '14

    How much does this book cost I needs it but for pigs

  • Brandon

    25 Sep '14

    I'd love a "100% bird man" pin. Enjoy Japan!

  • Eric

    25 Sep '14

    "this charming bastard". HAHAHAHA...always so cute then out of nowhere drops the B bomb!

  • Jonathan

    25 Sep '14

    I need a 100% cat man book!

  • Uriah

    25 Sep '14

    ...but did you beat Ballos?

  • Tim

    25 Sep '14

    Is this the next Kickstarter book?

  • Xeno!

    25 Sep '14

    Thanks to the magic of the internet and your book (and dudl.me), I turned Jordan into Birdman! (If anyone is looking, it's not on the main page, but on the comic specific page, else there would forever be a floating birdman costume between me and my funnies!)

  • Franck

    25 Sep '14

    I want to see other pages of the book now ! PS : Hope Jordan's foot is ok.

  • Scott

    25 Sep '14

    Ballos...now THAT'S a true test of Skill! So satisfying to beat that punk! Cave Story FTW!!

  • sarah penguin

    26 Sep '14


  • sonic

    26 Sep '14

    I would buy this book in a heartbeat!

  • Kamunami

    26 Sep '14

    But where's the Worst Everything bird?

  • Ivan

    30 Sep '14

    I hope you have 2 comics to buffer your vacation... right?

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