• Li
    17 Sep '14

    Shoelace does this all the time. He sits with his face really close up against the fence and stares at the neighbours. What a handsome creeper.

  • Jonathan Berman
    Jonathan Berman
    17 Sep '14

    My cat stares at the ceiling...

  • Beau
    17 Sep '14

    He is looking at his big cat world. Thinking deep cat thoughts. Thoughts about his next move to take over the world.

  • Kilby
    17 Sep '14

    Most feline "deep thoughts" have to do with supper dishes. Very deep ones.

  • Joel
    17 Sep '14

    Oh god, the comic has become sentient and realizes we're staring at it. RUN!

  • Xeno!
    17 Sep '14

    It's a trap! That's a very convincing Shoelace statue.

  • Tim
    17 Sep '14

    My cat Spice does this too! She sits right in front of the french doors at night and just looks straight forward, as if she's keeping watch. Maybe she's looking at Shoelace??

  • LEH
    18 Sep '14

    I'm looking at a sugar-face cat and a cutie patootie cartoonist. But - I'll move along now.

  • Joanna
    18 Sep '14

    Awww shoelace <3 I'd welcome such a creeper.

  • Franck
    18 Sep '14

    Probably trying to see from how far he can hurt Jordan's leg by looking at it...

  • Chris
    18 Sep '14

    My cat likes to stare from my window sill like that. There's nothing for her to see. I'm convinced she is merely plotting

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    18 Sep '14


  • Spencer
    18 Sep '14

    #ettathecat is forever weirdo staring

  • Billy-who-just-moved-into-a-skypalace-to-rule-all-Billys-as-True-Billy
    18 Sep '14

    *I want to know what they're looking at... I want to know so bad... more than I've ever wanted to know anything... and I really want to know how to make tastier cookies...*

  • Billy-Who's-Robbing-Skypalace-Billy-to-Get-Your-$20
    18 Sep '14

    Was it lotion? My cats are always looking at lotion.

  • Drew
    19 Sep '14

    He's planning his next move to gain superpowers(well, more superpowers) and take over the multiverse.

    1. Stare at neighbors
    2. Take neighbor's souls
    3. Shoot souls at enemies
    4. ???
    5. Profit

  • pyrodice
    19 Sep '14

    Fourth wallin' it!

  • Paul
    19 Sep '14

    There's a lot of "Wooo~~ spooky! My cat can see ghosts~~~!" type stuff out there. Generally it boils down to tiny spiders on walls and the cats having better eyesight than the humans with them.

  • Sander
    20 Sep '14

    I love these faces Li makes, they're wonderfully expressive.