• Li

    10 Sep '14

    Hey guys! Hope you're all having a great week. The books for our US/Canadian Kickstarter backers are currently going through US customs which hopefully means that they'll be dispatched soon. I'll post an update once they've arrived at the drop-shipping warehouse :D

  • Xenon

    10 Sep '14

    Whyfor getting angrier in the questionable box?

  • idle

    10 Sep '14

    You need to start thinking out of the box.

  • Banana

    10 Sep '14

    Finally mustered up the courage to comment! Hahaha! Your stuff is soooooo relevant to the world!! You should totes bat your eyelashes and get Jordan to add a random button hihi :>

  • Nectok

    10 Sep '14

    This is questionable.

  • peebeenojay

    10 Sep '14

    how is it possible? a box and no shoelace?

  • Xeno!

    11 Sep '14

    The box has it's own intense gravitational pull that is pulling the sides of your mouth down. You may also be shrinking. Look into that.

  • Tim

    11 Sep '14

    "Why?" - a study

  • Issa

    11 Sep '14

    I love the tiny little mouse door in the background.

  • arlani

    11 Sep '14

    Needs a hover text button for tablet and mobile uses :(

  • No-but-I-was-Billy-first

    11 Sep '14

    Schrödinger's cat and I share a certain penchant for seeking boxes when we're upset. It baffles others, and we become pleased.

  • Billy-who-just-moved-into-a-skypalace-to-rule-all-Billy's-as-True-Billy

    11 Sep '14

    Oh no? A quickbox? What an unfortunate turn of event?

  • Billy Owes Me $20 - Pay Up Billy!

    11 Sep '14

    Elevator trapdoor box?

  • Annie

    11 Sep '14

    I love how there's always a little mouse door in the corner

  • Franck

    11 Sep '14

    Yes, still hurting Jordan's foot.

  • Rachel

    12 Sep '14

    I was listening to really epic music while viewing this. Made it even funnier. :)

  • Chris

    12 Sep '14

    So Li is part cat. Got it

  • xenon87

    13 Sep '14

    big lols

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