• Li
    27 Aug '14

    Due to Tiny Demand we’ve added a flattr button! So feel free to flattr us if that’s what you’re in to. Also just a reminder that I put up extra artwork and sketches on facebook, twitter, and instagram every week so check it out! Hope you’re having a good week :D

  • Dan
    27 Aug '14

    You should put a random button. That would be sooo cool

  • Mr Fox
    Mr Fox
    27 Aug '14

    I push my cat over like this too. Except I usually yell TIMBER!!

  • Tim
    28 Aug '14

    I think Dan's right; due to the non-story arc format of Exocomics, a random button would work perfectly!

    Also, I got my three Exocomics books in the mail today and they're glorious! Thanks Li!

  • Laura
    28 Aug '14

    If only this worked for toddlers, too!

  • Truly-actually-Billy
    28 Aug '14

    Literally my childhood...

  • Haha-this-is-hilarious-and-all-but-seriously-I'm-the-real-Billy-just-stop
    28 Aug '14

    Awe :) Have good sleeps Shoelace.

  • Lisa
    28 Aug '14

    Substitute "belly rubs" for "singing" and this totally works on my cat.

    ...For about five minutes.

  • Kirby_mongerr
    28 Aug '14

    I tried this on several people. It did not work. do you have jigglypuff powers Li?

  • ZeroHelix
    28 Aug '14

    Pretty sure it's GrassWhistle actually.

  • Sander
    28 Aug '14

    That was easy.

  • No I'm Billy
    No I'm Billy
    28 Aug '14

    you're cute Li, but I think Shoelace may be cuter.

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    28 Aug '14

    Is adorable :)

  • Jonathan
    28 Aug '14

    The funny thing is, so often I can push my cat over and she'll just stay there and sleep too.

  • Cody
    29 Aug '14

    Go to sleep, Shoelace!

  • Joel
    29 Aug '14

    Thanks as always for providing a dose of adorable.

  • Rakronka
    29 Aug '14

    Soft kitty, warm kitty. Little ball of fuuur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty...puurr puurr puurr. :3

  • floof
    4 Sep '14

    That settle's it. Li is a Jigglypuff

  • funsizeddesi303
    18 Jul '16

    I sing my dog Cha Cha "Dream a Little Dream of Me" every night for the past 1.5 years because of this comic. I don't know if she cares for it but I hardly miss a night.