• Li

    06 Aug '14

    Queueing is a very strange looking word.
    Check out this cool thing that a reader made based on comic #337!

  • Xeno!

    06 Aug '14

    If ride time is any indication, the line ride is the most popular ride at any theme park.

  • Tim

    06 Aug '14

    Li: the only person able to have fun standing in a queue!

  • Anderson

    07 Aug '14

    I loved this so much and I can't find a reason. maybe it's because secretly I like queueing. or peanut butter on bread.

  • Billy

    07 Aug '14

    Haha. Hate it when I queue up, don't know why, and it turns out to be ground bread.

  • the-real-Billy

    07 Aug '14

    Where did cat in bushes go? :o

  • Lisa

    07 Aug '14

    That cool thing is super cool!!

  • Ross

    07 Aug '14

    Laughed for a good 5 mins at this. This is my new favourite!

  • chronodekar

    07 Aug '14

    That's just ... no. Please, noo!!! -chronodekar

  • sarah penguin

    08 Aug '14


  • Franck

    08 Aug '14

    ROFL ! Please leave some for the ones behind you !

  • Paul

    10 Aug '14

    Cool thing is blank page thing :(

  • Bailey

    12 Aug '14

    @the-real-Billy: Shoelace, the cat in the bushes, disappeared because the line is moving--the background moves behind her because she's getting closer to the front of the line. :)

  • Rysn

    15 Aug '14

    Its funny how the ants are just queuing behind her, letting her have a place in line. Haha

  • Lisa

    09 Apr '15

    I love how sometimes the dialogue is so distinctly kiwi :P "Oh nah" is such a NZ thing to me xD

  • willie

    29 Apr '15

    this made me laugh

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