• Li

    16 Jul '14

    Exocomics Vol 3 is nearly ready! Look at how pretty the cover is looking! Ohhhhh.

  • Walter Reinhart

    16 Jul '14

    I didn't choose the king life, the king life chose me.

  • Thom

    16 Jul '14

    Looking fancy in that cover!

  • Liam

    17 Jul '14

    Cave idus martias.

  • Gustavo

    17 Jul '14

    Love it.

  • Betsy

    17 Jul '14

    Yay! Today is my birthday and I will be king forever! (Thanks for the birthday comic! Best, and only good, part of a Wednesday birthday.)

  • Tywin Lannister

    17 Jul '14

    Anyone who must say, "I'm king" is no true king.

  • Cherry

    17 Jul '14

    Today is also my birthday! I'm using the first panel as my profile picture! Everyone loves it!

  • Tris

    17 Jul '14

    No alt TEXT!!!???

  • sarah penguin

    17 Jul '14


  • D

    17 Jul '14

    Pretty sure that's what happened with Caesar.

  • Xeno!

    17 Jul '14

    This is why we no longer cycle supreme dictators. Well, that and our Supreme Dictator made it illegal. PRAISE HIM OR SUFFER

  • Megan

    17 Jul '14

    I miss the alt text. But who am I to question royalty???

  • Kilby

    17 Jul '14

    If she was King yesterday, maybe she should try being Queen tomorrow. P.S. Does this mean Shoelace is a Jack?

  • Peter

    19 Jul '14

    It's good to be the king. Maybe Jordan can be queen?

  • Xeno!

    20 Jul '14

    Kings are always filing for bankruptcy...

  • Andrew the Newbie

    21 Jul '14

    Probably a pretty accurate description of the origins of monarchy really.

  • lynn

    28 Aug '14

    thanks exo, now my wife does this to me everyday. =P

  • clare

    28 Aug '14

    I LOVE THIS one! i am inspired to Queen for LIFE! thanks for sharing. it makes smile everytime I check your comic :D

  • Zeke

    13 Nov '14

    The absence of alt text is amply made up for by the use of "king" as a sound effect.

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