• Li

    25 Jun '14

    Since last week's chicken comic I've been doing a couple of sketches (one, two) of Shoelace and tiny chickens. So cute!

  • Nectok

    25 Jun '14

    Oh the coffee... D:

  • Incia

    25 Jun '14

    husssss, don't talk... sssh... let it happen.

  • Saul

    25 Jun '14

    What does it say on his book? "LISP WIZ"?

  • Fogetti

    25 Jun '14

    Now that's tough. Don't mess with rabbit! :D

  • Tim

    26 Jun '14

    @Saul: Most likely, isn't that a programming language?

  • Zed

    26 Jun '14

    I got my copy of USA WIZ on amazon yesterday!

  • Jeremy

    26 Jun '14

    The sun does not appreciate the morning coffee.

  • Sally

    26 Jun '14

    Did Jordan cheat on you when you've been out to places? o_O

  • Osy

    26 Jun '14

    @Bunny: it is hard to be taken as a bad bunny when you are so adorably cute.

  • heather

    26 Jun '14

    when a snuggle bunny decides it's time to snuggle there is no escaping it. coffee be damned.

  • Xeno!

    26 Jun '14

    Humans are slowly being phased out to make room for more adorable animals. Please remain calm as we transition to our new format Extra Animals.

  • Kamunami

    01 Jul '14

    You'd think those are the rabbit's teeth, but apparently that's its tongue?

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