• Li

    11 Jun '14

    This week's comic is pretty much true, I love pointing out interesting trees and leaves in autumn. They're all so beautiful like this leaf, and I get really inspired to draw autumn themed drawings :D

  • Robin

    11 Jun '14

    So funny to realize the seasons are the other way around on the southern hemisphere :-) We just had our first consecutive days of awesome sunny weather up in the Netherlands, EU. (well minus the usual thunderstorms...)

  • Bryan

    12 Jun '14

    Meanwhile, here in the USA, I'm on the third of 90 degree F days starting summer.

  • Nectok

    12 Jun '14

    TL;DR I see what you did there haha I love it!!~

  • Franky

    12 Jun '14

    I wish ... its above 30°C here and getting warmer :P

  • Jeremy

    12 Jun '14

    Have you ever come across Gunnera manicata?

  • Tim

    12 Jun '14

    Li! Your grammarz is going down with each comic! Noooo!

  • Tami

    12 Jun '14

    Winter 2014 in my country miau

  • Kilby

    12 Jun '14

    After several days of temperatures over 30˚C (and it's not even officially Summer yet!), I am a little envious of those folks enjoying the advent of Autumn.

  • Travis

    06 Aug '14

    I love the tiny door and window in panel 3. WHO LIVES IN YOUR HOUSE?!

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