• Li

    04 Jun '14

    One panel week! It's me fave.

  • Marc

    04 Jun '14


  • fill1890

    04 Jun '14

    Great cushion!

  • Bradley

    05 Jun '14

    As so cute! ^^ Love your comics, and Shoelace :)

  • Vi

    05 Jun '14

    I absolutely love this. This gave me a moment of peace in the rush of working at the office. Thank you for each piece of cute and lovely art, Li <3

  • Y0k41

    05 Jun '14

    Haha nice, reminds me of totoro a bit.

  • Ross

    05 Jun '14

    I love this, it's so cute. Any chance of a Desktop background sized version?

  • Kirby_mongerr

    05 Jun '14

    You stoled me cushion!

  • Bel

    05 Jun '14

    My life is so full of ups and downs right now but seeing Li and Shoelace like this really brightens up the day. Thank you.

  • Tim

    05 Jun '14

    @Bel: you have the same name as one of my favourite characters that I came up with! Glad to hear the comic enlightened you so. Snoozling with Big Shoelace must be nice when he purrs, it'd be like a vibrating seat!

  • Sander

    05 Jun '14


  • Chrolmesq

    11 Jun '14

    AMAZING ! Could you add a high res download?

  • Eliana

    18 Jul '14

    Is it possible to get a print of this please? I love it!

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