• Li

    29 May '14

    Whoa Jordan just dictated vim commands to me to modify the site. I think I might be a wizard now.

  • User313

    29 May '14

    Wow, a message from the future! Timezones are madness. Also, learning via dictation definitely grants magical powers.

  • Tim

    29 May '14

    Goodness, I wonder how a banana phone would take text messages? Would it be read aloud by picture-Shoelace? (assuming he isn't eating ice cream, of course)

  • averystrangeplace

    29 May '14

    Probably best. That banana KNOWS THINGS.

  • Tim

    29 May '14

    Oh! Almost forgot. *ahem* Yer a tech wizard, Li!

  • Theodore

    29 May '14

    I almost didnt notice Shoelace's icecream in the wall painting! So cute.

  • Saoirse

    29 May '14

    That satisfied look :3

  • Sean

    29 May '14

    It grows in bunches! I've got my hunches! It's the best! Beats the rest! Cellular, modular, interactivodular!

  • PK

    29 May '14

    Raffi is not amused :| The rest of us, however... :D

  • mrlescure

    29 May '14

    iYay! vim! best text editor ever!ZZ

  • Franck

    29 May '14

    Is it inspired from this BananaPhone song ? If you don't know it, just don't listen to it, for your own sake !

  • Xeno!

    29 May '14

    Ring-Ring-Ring-Ring-Ring-Ring-Ring Bananaphooooooooooone Now everyone who has heard it WILL NEVER FORGET!

  • Radagast

    29 May '14

    vim Jordan Rules :wq!

  • Floof

    29 May '14

    ...Li's not wearing any pants, is she?

  • Tim

    29 May '14

    @Floof: I see a leg sticking out from the bench, but it could be anything.

  • feii

    29 May '14

    hail da wizard queen!

  • Ross

    30 May '14

    Woo. vim ftw, emacs is dirty.

  • Chris

    31 May '14

    I can't believe you did a Banana Phone joke Li. I thought you were a good person

  • sarah penguin

    31 May '14

    Woohooo wizard lim bananaphones! Also, if you cam quit vim, you're a double-plus superwizard, Lim :)

  • Applesauce136

    01 Jun '14

    am i the only emacs user here or

  • kjn yhgt

    17 Jul '14

    Nooo! That's now what you're supposed to do with it!

  • Zeke

    13 Nov '14


  • Lisa

    09 Apr '15

    GET OUT is exactly what I want to say to most customers.

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