• Li
    14 May '14

    There are only six more days for you to back our Volume 3 book project on Kickstarter! SIX! It’s gone by so fast.

    We’ve already finished printing our comic #300 book and they were delivered last week. They turned out really cool with the silver foiling. All book rewards on Kickstarter are signed too, so head on over and check out our project before it ends! :D

  • Floof
    15 May '14

    Is that a potato smoothie?!

  • Introbulus
    15 May '14

    No Floof that is a Potate Smooth god it says right there.

  • bunnitos
    15 May '14

    Mmm Potate Smooth! Also, all food should come with toys.

  • Tim
    15 May '14

    Man I wouldn't like to prick my hand searching in the bag for THAT toy! I also like how Shoelace is unsure if his meals qualify as actual food.

  • Ody
    15 May '14

    I never get a hedgehog in mine.

  • Kevin
    15 May '14

    This place asks and answers the question: Food?

  • Rose
    15 May '14

    I want to see Li and Shoelace hang out with Finn and Jake! It seems like your art and humor would be perfect for Adventure Time...I know AT isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I do mean that as a compliment! :)

  • Xeno!
    15 May '14

    I can only read the second panel in a pirate voice.

  • Johnnie Lucille
    Johnnie Lucille
    15 May '14

    The last panel makes me think of the Kool-aid man. Better watch your walls.

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    15 May '14

    *giggles* hedgyhog :)

  • Kilby
    15 May '14

    I agree with Floof, that spelling is almost as good as Dan Quayle's.

  • Bluejester
    20 May '14

    I need to go to "Food?" sometime and order the kid's meal. I've always wanted a hedgehog...

  • Finnandjake
    28 Jul '14

    This one reminds me of homestar. :P