• Li
    16 Apr '14

    Good news everyone! Our Kickstarter project to publish volume 3 of exocomics has been approved and we will be launching next week! If you want to get in early, we’ll let you know when it’s launched via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. IT’S GON BE GREAT.

  • Kiara
    16 Apr '14

    oh my, someone is getting smooched!

  • Nicholas
    16 Apr '14

    Your purse, it seems to be larger on the inside.

  • Introbulus
    16 Apr '14

    I would totally pay one giant cardboard coin with a dollar sign on it for a Shoelace Smooch.

  • Tim
    17 Apr '14

    My first new Exo Comic! Yaaaaay!

  • Chyaa
    17 Apr '14

    Is that a Timelord purse? :o

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    17 Apr '14

    Wheee :)

  • E. Baker
    E. Baker
    17 Apr '14

    Silly Chyaa. ALL purses are bigger on the inside.

  • Gadzooks Eugene
    Gadzooks Eugene
    18 Apr '14

    Silly E. Baker, Chyaa is correct, you are also correct, that is because ALL purses are Timelord. Bill Cosby even said his wife pulled a bowling ball from her purse.

  • GuyveroZ
    22 Apr '14

    Remember it's a "Kiss Booth" not a "KissING Booth".
    Therefore the booth is getting a kiss not Snowball ;P

  • User313
    23 Apr '14

    "Snowball". Sure.