• Li

    16 Apr '14

    Good news everyone! Our Kickstarter project to publish volume 3 of exocomics has been approved and we will be launching next week! If you want to get in early, we'll let you know when it's launched via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. IT'S GON BE GREAT.

  • Kiara

    16 Apr '14

    oh my, someone is getting smooched!

  • Nicholas

    16 Apr '14

    Your purse, it seems to be larger on the inside.

  • Introbulus

    16 Apr '14

    I would totally pay one giant cardboard coin with a dollar sign on it for a Shoelace Smooch.

  • Tim

    17 Apr '14

    My first new Exo Comic! Yaaaaay!

  • Chyaa

    17 Apr '14

    Is that a Timelord purse? :o

  • sarah penguin

    17 Apr '14

    Wheee :)

  • E. Baker

    17 Apr '14

    Silly Chyaa. ALL purses are bigger on the inside.

  • Gadzooks Eugene

    18 Apr '14

    Silly E. Baker, Chyaa is correct, you are also correct, that is because ALL purses are Timelord. Bill Cosby even said his wife pulled a bowling ball from her purse.

  • GuyveroZ

    22 Apr '14

    Remember it's a "Kiss Booth" not a "KissING Booth". Therefore the booth is getting a kiss not Snowball ;P

  • User313

    23 Apr '14

    "Snowball". Sure.

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