• Li
    9 Apr '14

    Hope your week is going well! Jordan and I have been working on our next Kickstarter project for Extra Ordinary Vol 3 and we’re hoping to launch in a couple of weeks!

    Oh, we also made this cool papercraft model this week! Cool huh.

  • Jennifer
    9 Apr '14

    Adorable <3

  • Andrew W.
    Andrew W.
    9 Apr '14

    I love the sneaky Grumpy Pigeon :]

  • Ronald
    9 Apr '14

    Messy pigeons! And you've got one stuck in a tube back there... ;)

  • Xeno
    9 Apr '14

    I applied a pigeon to my face and now I'm going to prom with all the ladies. All of them.

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    10 Apr '14

    *giggles* :)

  • bunnitos
    10 Apr '14

    I would like a pigeon please. Do you have any with top hats?

  • Eric
    10 Apr '14

    I love the one stuck in the cardboard tube :D

  • Del C
    Del C
    10 Apr '14

    May I have that pigeon leaning on the lamp?

  • Tim
    10 Apr '14

    A new follower appeared! I just went through all your comics and think they're all wonderful! I'm excited to see your future comics! Go caterpillar!