• Li

    02 Apr '14

    I made a new Tiny Pig poster! You can order one here. He floated all the way to the top of r/pics last week, we're super proud of him.

    I also started an instagram account where I post drawings and things!

  • Ivan

    02 Apr '14

    Hole in one!

  • ZeroHelix

    03 Apr '14

    Hailstones the size of golfballs.

  • Ody

    03 Apr '14

    I dont know Lee. That's a pretty bad slice ya got there.

  • Sherlock

    03 Apr '14

    How did Shoelace jump that high?

  • Megsyface

    03 Apr '14

    Oh no!! There are no more Greater-Than arrows to click T^T I found your comic via Tickld and made it a point to read every single one over the past 3 days :) Love your comic, and I hope you keep posting.

  • Nicole

    04 Apr '14

    So that's how hail the size of golf balls is formed.

  • Ekku Zakku

    05 Apr '14

    @Sherlock That just shows how short Li is... XD

  • Coolguy25

    09 Apr '14

    I wish that could happen to me :(

  • Coolguy25

    09 Apr '14

    Also Play TF2 Best game of your life 1111/4 stars TELL Jorden too! and it's free :l

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