• Li

    19 Mar '14

    Good news everyone! We announced this weekend that we are planning a new Kickstarter project to publish Extra Ordinary Vol. 3! We'll let you know on facebook, twitter, and google+ when we have more details. I also post extra drawings and doodles on those pages too :D

  • Sharou

    19 Mar '14

    So cute¡¡¡ Love it¡¡¡ And in my Birthday¡¡¡¡ YEAH¡¡¡¡ ^^

  • dunia

    19 Mar '14


  • Chris

    20 Mar '14

    lol Didn't know Jordan worked for the NSA in America...

  • Geo

    20 Mar '14

    There is someone tapping on your phoneline.

  • Ari

    20 Mar '14

    Is it only me or the avatar on the comment never load/always broken? Anyway, this picture make me feel sleepy and think about autumn (i live on tropics though shishishi)

  • sarah penguin

    20 Mar '14


  • Tina

    20 Mar '14

    This is adorable~ please make it into a wallpaper! <333

  • Kamunami

    20 Mar '14

    I don't know if it's my colors or brightness or what, but it totally looked for a second like there was a gigantic inferno behind them.

  • hanya dirampatun

    21 Mar '14

    EXO saramida..........YEHET i love it... <3

  • Luna

    22 Mar '14

    This would make for a really nice wallpaper.

  • Baris

    26 Mar '14

    Man-in-the-middle attack. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_in_the_middle_attack

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