• Li

    22 Jan '14

    Hey guys! I'm really pleased at how well the new drawings section of our store has been received. I'll be updating it with new drawings every week so if the one you wanted is gone, maybe you'll find another one that you like!

    This week's comic was inspired by this drawing I posted on twitter last week. He's tiny and pig.

  • bunnitos

    22 Jan '14

    Pigggggy! =D

  • Kimmy

    22 Jan '14

    Aww, he's so cute! Question Li, how long have you been drawing?

  • Sander

    22 Jan '14

    He's getting away! And he's taking the spoon with him! D:

  • There Wolf

    22 Jan '14

    ... and i'll huff and i'll puff and... oh! give me the spoon!

  • Robin

    23 Jan '14

    Uh, no ALT-text... :-(

  • sarah penguin

    23 Jan '14

    adorable piggy :)

  • Carlos (Brazil)

    23 Jan '14

    I just love your comics.

  • Els

    23 Jan '14

    Please fill your store with Tiny Pigs I will buy everything oh my God.

  • Alex

    23 Jan '14

    Yes, i'd love a T-shirt with the piggy!

  • Bergen

    23 Jan '14


  • chronodekar

    23 Jan '14

    ... I don't get this one. :( -chronodekar

  • Kilby

    23 Jan '14

    This one is both funny and cute (but I suppose it works best for those who have experience with very small children - old enough to express a need, but too young to put it in words).

  • Franck

    24 Jan '14

    I can only think of tiny bacon right now...

  • Aria

    25 Jan '14

    AWWW the wittle piglet....tiny stripes of bacon, baby bacon!

  • Eric

    26 Jan '14

    I is confuzzled...why is the tiny pig walking away with a spoon tied to his back?

  • Franck

    28 Jan '14

    Now wondering if the Tiny Pig has a tiny owner and comes from a Tiny Farm..

  • cool man 25

    07 Feb '14

    I WILL FIND THAT PIG AND GET THE SPOON it has unspeakable power... AND I MUST HAVE IT!!!! >:O

  • Shoelace

    14 Feb '14

    All that wuz going thru meh head was THE PHOOOOOONE THE PHONE IS RIIIINGIIINGGGG.... Tiny pig, meh best buddy. ^3^

  • Dennis

    28 Mar '14

    Guess this is Kiwi version of this... http://cdn.ebaumsworld.com/picture/Kill_yourself/hamsterkill.jpg

  • Chris

    28 Mar '14

    Where's he going with that spoon!

  • Nick

    30 Apr '18

    TINY PIG <3 Please draw more tiny pigs :(

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