• Li
    15 Jan '14

    Hope you all had a great Christmas break! It’s awesome to be back :D

    I’m excited to tell you guys that there’s a new section in the store! I’ve been drawing some little exocomics pieces that are available to purchase. Each drawing is unique and once it’s sold, it’s gone. I’ll be updating this section regularly so keep your eye on the store if you’re interested!

    Jordan has also been working hard this past week updating the store. Take a look! Everything is automated now, so you can purchase stuff without having to email me. Or you can still email me, it’s always nice to get mail. If you find any bugs, let us know.

    Have a good week! Leave a comment and tell me what you’ve been up to.

  • Walter Reinhart
    Walter Reinhart
    15 Jan '14

    Cut all the things but not the cute things.

  • Jarenth
    15 Jan '14

    Gonna be honest: when I read about the 'new section in the store', I was kinda hoping there'd be shoe-slicing knives for sale there.

    The drawings are great and all, don't get me wrong, but... now how will I cut my shoes?

  • Nate
    15 Jan '14

    ...but wait...there's more!

  • John
    16 Jan '14

    Call now and you'll get Shoelace FREE!

  • feii
    16 Jan '14

    yay! a new one! happy new year!

  • Simon
    16 Jan '14

    this is so weird - I shat ma pants

  • Slumbering Trout
    Slumbering Trout
    16 Jan '14

    It seems that this just DOES NOT CUT IT!

  • LadyEstellaRose
    16 Jan '14

    No, actually - I think that she's portrayed shoelace to be a boy the entire time. :P

  • Sonic
    16 Jan '14

    Sorry no C.O.D.s!

    *does not actually cut through shoes or shoe byproducts

  • Demosthenes
    16 Jan '14

    XD I get it! "Get this serrated knife, just call toll free! We've got LI CHEN ON THE LINE RIGHT NOW."
    What kind of line, you ask? The telephone line, of course! :D

  • Zemyla
    17 Jan '14

    I just realized Li Chen = lichen. This comic is drawn by lichen!

  • Kilby
    17 Jan '14

    I've looked at this one several times, I've read all the comments, and it's still incomprehensible. Obscurity funny cute.

  • Kilby
    17 Jan '14

    The HTML filter zapped the angle brackets I used for "not equals". That last line was supposed to read "Obscurity ≠ funny ≠ cute".

  • Omar
    18 Jan '14

    I'm lost as Kilby.

    I am not sure that Demosthenes has the right explanation.

  • Casper
    19 Jan '14

    My understanding of the joke is that Li is dreaming about selling knives and she comes to on top of a telephone pole.

  • Aria
    19 Jan '14

    Shoe cutting knifes hmm. . . .excellent

  • PheonixGRX
    24 Jan '14

    Maybe she is on the telephone pole cutting shoes in the last panel because its an addiction... thats what I see.

  • cool man 25
    cool man 25
    7 Feb '14

    why'd you cut my shoe?
    I want a my shoe back