• Li

    30 Oct '13

    This is what happens to Li in spring. Hope you're having a good week!

    Edit: OH also I know I'm so late to the party but I finally saw Gravity tonight and it freaked me out so bad. Space has always given me the heebie jeebies and the movie reminded me of the total perspective vortex in The Hitchhiker's Guide and I remember being very stressed when I was reading that part in the book. Goddamn space.

  • mistleo

    30 Oct '13

    aww! 1st! Shoo Cute

  • Jonathan H.

    30 Oct '13

    Oh yeaaaaaa.......Spring for you

  • Philip

    30 Oct '13

    Happy Spring from Auckland :D

  • Chris

    30 Oct '13

    Spring, what are you doing? Spring, stahp!

  • Gray

    30 Oct '13

    Antihistamines, ~15 bucks from unichem queen st (or anywhere else)

  • Ben

    30 Oct '13

    Pollen. It's the same word in german. Luckily its autumn around... Try Dymista, i dont know if its available in NZ, but its like a deathstar to hay fever.

  • LOL

    31 Oct '13

    I almost made an account just to tell you than Gravity was a totally sweet movie and that Hitchikers guide is also totally sweet.

  • Anonymouse

    31 Oct '13

    Meanwhile it's below 0 degrees here. Want to trade hemispheres?

  • Introbulus

    31 Oct '13

    And in the winter, the dust army gathers...

  • Megan

    31 Oct '13

    Hahaa, almost winter here, but when spring rolls around I feel the sammee way.

  • Kevin

    31 Oct '13

    I just realized I have no clue where Li lives. Australia? Maybe the moon?

  • David

    31 Oct '13

    Spring, what are you doing?! Stahp...

  • Anka

    31 Oct '13

    I love this one! :)

  • sarah penguin

    31 Oct '13

    Poor Li. *waves*

  • Tim The Enchanter

    31 Oct '13

    I always get a little thrown off when Li talks about specific seasons... ... Greetings from the Northern Hemisphere.

  • jo

    31 Oct '13

    nooooo!!! not the darn pollen T~T why spring why?!

  • Scott

    31 Oct '13

    I hear ya. The problem subsided a bit after working a few summers outside. And moving to the desert.

  • ToritoMuttz

    31 Oct '13

    Try raw honey. You should be able to find it in grocery stores, local is best. What happens is the pollen isn't totally killed by strenuous processing and stuffs, and it helps build your immune system, so you're not as affected anymore. Then again, I only have mild allergies. It works differently for different people. (Obvs.) But it works in, like, a day for me. Otherwise my nose just stays stuffy.

  • isabelle

    01 Nov '13

    just sleep

  • LEH

    02 Nov '13

    Neti pot! I use mine every day. It works, costs less than drugs and has no side effects. But if you can't stand pouring water through your nose - yes, drugs. Untreated allergies are bad news.

  • desposy

    02 Nov '13

    no shoelace...?

  • Marko

    04 Nov '13

    Pollen is plants doing naughty things in the air!

  • Elroydb

    23 Nov '13

    Enjoy your forced exposure to plant sperm! muahahahaha!

  • magpie

    27 Nov '13

    Arrggh heyfever! its like the flu, and none of those anti histamines work for me more than an hour. But summer will come soon and you all will dry off ahaahahaaa. Also going to look up what this Gravity movie is. Spent too much time wondering how i'd react to the Total Perspective Vortex.

  • Icarus

    08 Apr '18

    This comic was used in one of my Biology tests (allergies) in 8th grade. I remembered the art style this long and just found the picture here.

  • cinder

    07 May '18


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