• Li

    23 Oct '13

    Hey guys! Thanks for all the awesome feedback on comic #300. I can't believe we're now into the three hundreds!

    Just a couple of things to tell you this week:

    We have started an exocomics Google+ account, which we'll be updating each week with sketches and things just like the Facebook page, so now you can follow us on whichever you prefer :)

    Also if you want to buy anything from the Store for Christmas then it's a good idea to get your orders in asap; shipping gets really slow at this time of year, and if you leave it til late November then it most likely won't arrive in time.

    Lastly if you are making/dressing up as anything exocomics-related for Halloween you should definitely send us photos! For example look at this awesome Shoelace jack-o'-lantern!

  • anodraeus

    23 Oct '13


  • Tyzh

    23 Oct '13

    Jordan is such a juice butt.

  • Miguel

    23 Oct '13

    No one can resist the powerful allure of juice.

  • Denkousekka

    23 Oct '13

    Such determination!

  • Alex

    23 Oct '13

    Glad you're up and above 300 comics Cute Halloween comic

  • Moses of Juice

    24 Oct '13

    You gotta walk 40 years through the desert before you are allowed in the Kingdom of Juice!

  • Franck

    24 Oct '13

    Wohaaa ! Didn't saw the juive brick at the beginning... Awkward !

  • sarah penguin

    24 Oct '13

    *giggles* :)

  • Chris

    24 Oct '13

    Shock! Jordan has eyebrows!

  • Megan

    24 Oct '13

    Hah, I love Li's dramatic face in the first panel! So cute!

  • Nitin

    24 Oct '13

    Oh man! Awe-some!

  • desposy

    24 Oct '13

    just what we need, a fanged Li...

  • Laurent

    24 Oct '13

    Reminds me of that one episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Willie Nelson the monster when he says JUIIICE at the end of the episode.

  • mousee

    24 Oct '13

    Jordan's face in the last panel. So priceless :D

  • Zerhena

    24 Oct '13

    Love it, as always

  • jo

    24 Oct '13

    awwww jordaaaaannnn XDDD

  • isabelle

    25 Oct '13

    sooooooooooooo cute

  • Kilby

    26 Oct '13

    After the second panel, Jordan should have answered, "Go ahead, but I'm not giving you this carton."

  • DiscoKittie

    28 Oct '13

    If it were apple juice, I would be right there with ya. But come on... Orange juice? ;) ;p

  • Anka

    31 Oct '13


  • Chris

    01 Nov '13

    Get your own juice!!!

  • Selah

    11 Nov '13

    Awh share Jordan!

  • Leah

    12 Nov '13

    This is the epitome of my boyfriend and me when it comes to anything he has that I want at the same time. I'm 4'10'' and he's 6'1''. I understand this scenario completely! ^_^

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