• Li

    14 Dec '09

    Oh how I heart you Spock.

  • Lord Kap

    14 Dec '09

    Hi there! Finally you're back online! That's really awesome! I missed you so much... Welcome back! Kisses! -- Saluti dall'Italia, Kap

  • Lobzy

    07 Apr '10

    I've been there too ^^

  • K-bot

    04 May '10

    Good to know i am not the only one to have this experience .D

  • Jens

    29 May '10


  • Emily

    03 Sep '10

    In this case, I'm pretty sure we're the exact same person.

  • Katie A.

    04 Sep '10

    Words cannot express my deep devotion and love for Spock. You and I must needs do battle.

  • Sasha

    21 Sep '10

    *Sigh* Mr. Spock, Mind you I'm in love with the TOS version.

  • Lucy

    22 Sep '10

    I'm with Sasha on this one! ^_^

  • Katja

    27 Sep '10

    BEST. MOVIE. EVAH. Also, I love your comic. Rock it, lady.

  • Lummex

    16 Oct '10

    Just discovered your comics today, and felt the need to comment and say that I too, am in love with Spock. His demeanor is the sexiest thing in the world. Also, love your comics! So cute!

  • Scotty

    18 Nov '10

    This is totally me. We went through the same thing :)

  • Breana

    23 Nov '10

    ...I thought I was the only one! new favorite webcomic :)

  • Abby Clark

    07 Jan '11

    So...I think that you're my Asian counterpart...

  • Charlene

    30 Jan '11

    i have done that exact thing

  • Caitlyn

    04 Mar '11

    Spock is my FAVORITE star trek character. I freaking love him! <3

  • Abby

    07 Apr '11

    Oh my gosh I totally agree, especially with Zachary Quinto playing him. Yum! :)

  • Danny

    11 Apr '11

    My friend showed me this because he said I looked and acted like you. After this comic I know it to be true. Love your drawing style too. Really cute.

  • loaf

    14 May '11

    you fools! dont you realise thats not spock? its sylar disguised as spock! cover your brain cases!

  • serena

    21 Aug '11

    he is....fascinating

  • Lindsey

    23 Sep '11

    While our love for Spock is highly illogical, it can't be stopped.

  • Baily

    26 Sep '12

    No!!! He's mine!!!! ALL MINE!!!!

  • Anna

    21 Mar '15

    But now he's DEAD :/

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