• Li

    18 Sep '13

    Only two more comics until 300! :D

  • ESKan

    18 Sep '13

    Nooooo, fire crab!

  • Igor

    18 Sep '13

    300 is coming!

  • Hiro

    18 Sep '13

    Just waiting for a Spartan Li and co. Hahaha

  • Christi

    18 Sep '13

    Poor fire crab. He looks sad about his lot in life.

  • Christi

    18 Sep '13

    Also, I really hope shoelace is making those pew pew pews by himself, because I feel like he would since he's such an awesome cat.

  • Franck

    19 Sep '13

    I am waiting for the next upgrade and the adventures of Super Shoelace. PS : BTW, I got the poster I ordered, very nice !

  • Alex

    19 Sep '13

    Spartan Li for 300th comic? That would be hilarious

  • sarah penguin

    19 Sep '13

    Pew pew pew!

  • Tyler

    19 Sep '13

    I think a poster is needed for the "Upgrade Complete" panel.

  • Rebecca

    19 Sep '13

    This is how I feel when I will get my upgraded weapon in a game I play a cat :P

  • Megan

    19 Sep '13

    Yahoo! I'm so glad that I was introduced to this wonderful comic now, so that I can look forward to number 300! Adorable and clever as always~ Have a good week!

  • Kilby

    19 Sep '13

    I suppose this is referencing some video or computer game that I've never seen before. Perhaps those that have would think that this comic is hilarious.

  • Bryce Knudtson

    19 Sep '13

    These are so cute and great. Congratulations, this must have been so much work. I bet you feel so incredibly proud, and if not, you should! :)

  • Giant Squid

    19 Sep '13

    behold the mega-power of giant squid!

  • Kamunami

    21 Sep '13

    Hey, waaaait a second... ... Why would you get an upgrade for beating the final boss?

  • John Mark

    22 Sep '13


  • Dan

    22 Sep '13

    Cool stuff.

  • Jag

    23 Sep '13

    @Kamunami: Replay value.

  • ellen

    24 Sep '13

    Do you ever appear at conventions?

  • cinder

    07 May '18

    god l'm hungry

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