• Li

    04 Sep '13

    The Shoelace 'Hang in there' poster from last week's comic is now a print that you can purchase! We're also clearing out some old stock and selling some other prints for cheap!

  • Holly

    04 Sep '13

    Haha, love it. :P

  • Gemma

    04 Sep '13

    Nice. I wish all certificates had motivational comments :)

  • Hiro

    04 Sep '13

    Gemma, I'm not sure but "Don't be terrible ok" doesn't sound motivational to me. xD

  • PK

    04 Sep '13

    Hiro, you must be unfamiliar with aZn parenting :P

  • Lindsay

    05 Sep '13

    So the sticker on it says DOCTOR SEAL and my first thought was "Doctor Seal the amazing amphibious hero!" Are you guys friends?

  • chronodekar

    05 Sep '13

    I don't think that's how you become a doctor... -chronodekar

  • sarah penguin

    05 Sep '13

    Whee :)

  • Issa

    05 Sep '13

    Is Li's shirt for sale? I want a birdy shirt.

  • David

    05 Sep '13

    Twenty exty six! You gotta have blue hair...

  • Jacob

    05 Sep '13

    Gotta have blue hair.

  • Majik

    05 Sep '13

    I wonder if 20X6 was an intentional Strong bad reference or not.

  • Mr Fox

    05 Sep '13

    Li... she is looking into your soul in the last frame...


    06 Sep '13

    20x6... i' still waiting for that date so MEGA MAN would finally appear :D

  • Vítor De Araújo

    06 Sep '13

    I assume that "don't be terrible ok" is the Hippocratic oath. :P

  • jstylen

    07 Sep '13

    I thought the next button was broken, then I realized I caught up :( Loving the comics, just started reading them recently :D

  • DJ Mouthwash

    07 Sep '13

    Are you asking for a challenge?! I'm no challenger but... wait, hold on...

  • Locke

    09 Sep '13

    The Doctor Seal looks pretty legit. I'm convinced ^_^

  • jo

    11 Sep '13

    legit. I need Dr. Li over stat.

  • Tim

    22 May '14

    *BWA-DING!* Twenty Exty-Six!

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