• Li

    14 Aug '13

    Giant clams remind me of the snorks.

  • Leon DK

    14 Aug '13

    But your second favourite Shoelace

  • Leo

    14 Aug '13

    I love these cute comics

  • Igor Bone

    14 Aug '13

    Well, you can always use the oyster shoe

  • Nathan

    14 Aug '13

    A nine panel. Mmmm.

  • Alex

    14 Aug '13

    Thank god, it was a shoe without Shoelace. ;)

  • Introbulus

    14 Aug '13

    That is one fast-working clam!

  • Me

    14 Aug '13

    Dear god, the Snorks. I'd forgotten they even existed.

  • sarah penguin

    15 Aug '13

    Poor Li, perhaps if you put it back in upside down it will make an un-pearl and you'll get your shoe back!

  • Thiago Vieira

    15 Aug '13

    Your art is extraordinary, Li! How you manage to scan your drawings, without losing the pencil detais?

  • Wally

    15 Aug '13

    I have multiple comics I follow that put out daily or every other day updates and still I wait for yours the most. This comic is exactly why! Pearl is so big you could make a pair of pearl shoes.

  • Kilby

    15 Aug '13

    Okay, try it again with the ball. The pearl will be much bigger, then you can break the first one to get your shoe back.

  • Clam Fried

    15 Aug '13

    one vishoes oyster!

  • Kayjax

    15 Aug '13

    Yay!! Other people remember the snorks, people always accuse me of making them up. I saw snorks on ice when I was little, loved them sooo much

  • erdnuesse

    16 Aug '13

    ... *my* favourite .... - No offense, though, I love your comics.

  • chronodekar

    16 Aug '13

    Don't worry - I'm sure you'll get another perl if you throw in the other shoe. :P -chronodekar

  • yangkghjh

    17 Aug '13

    hit it

  • Ashley

    18 Aug '13

    Don't you just hate when that happens? It wouldn't be so bad if it were the left shoe, but it's always the right one! Opposite then, to the washing machine, which always eats the left sock...

  • anon

    25 Aug '13

    what if you stuck your hand in it?

  • Dan

    12 Sep '13

    But with a giant pearl, you can buy many shoes!

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