• Li

    31 Jul '13

    Yay one panel art week! We're only 9 comics away from comic #300, can't wait!

    Also don't forget you can buy prints of any of my comics in the store.

  • bunnitos

    31 Jul '13

    Gorgeous! I want a print of this! <3

  • Cindy

    31 Jul '13

    Already built 1000? :D What would be your wish, Li? :)

  • Anon

    31 Jul '13

    maybe draw something about spartans?

  • Ysanne

    31 Jul '13

    Ohmigosh, can you please make this a wallpaper? This might be my new favorite thing ever.

  • Kitty

    31 Jul '13

    This is so beautiful - can you make it into a wallpaper? :)

  • Lynda

    31 Jul '13

    This is so pretty!!! Hope you're having a good week so far!!! :D

  • Soot

    01 Aug '13

    I miss 4 panel weeks already :(

  • Conrad

    01 Aug '13

    This is gorgeous. Any chance of a wallpaper?

  • Nitin Khanna

    01 Aug '13

    Beautiful, just beautiful! This needs to be a wallpaper! :)

  • sarah penguin

    01 Aug '13

    Oooh so pretty.

  • Haven

    01 Aug '13

    This is a truly special one. I haven't noticed a lot of your work as philosophical, but I love this.

  • Sera

    01 Aug '13

    Absolutely stunning! Please please a wallpaper :)

  • Michael

    01 Aug '13


  • Adrian

    01 Aug '13

    Beautiful painting! Amazing light and detail! And insanely cute, as usual.

  • Susita

    01 Aug '13

    wow Only wow

  • Kilby

    01 Aug '13


  • Jocelyn

    02 Aug '13

    I love one panel week!!! :D This is beautiful <3

  • Paul

    02 Aug '13

    I just finished folding 1000 cranes for my little sister's wedding. Now I get to open them up and string them together. :)

  • Sabby

    03 Aug '13

    I literally just sat here and read your entire archive in one sitting. Now I am bored and I haz a sad.

  • b0bßΩ1«§

    05 Aug '13

    please let this be a wallpaper

  • Brat Herring

    05 Aug '13

    post-apocalyptic future....

  • Hannah

    08 Aug '13

    I had a question, because I love your webcomics, and well even before I've seen these I've always wanted to make webcomics similar to this, but of course different as it is myself. xP Anyways, I was wondering how you started? How'd you start making webcomics and did you just make a website, put them up, and hope people would come? I hope you don't mind! I'd just love to know and maybe ask a little advice!

  • Katt

    14 Aug '13

    This is beautiful, so very peaceful and warm. Thank-you.

  • Sam

    16 Sep '13

    I think this is my favorite thus far, or at least top 5, lol I love them all!!! :)

  • McCall

    03 Oct '13

    So pretty! This would be a great addition to your wallpaper section :)

  • Clarasaur

    06 Oct '13

    Hi Li, I've been hooked on your comics since my boyfriend introduced me to them around when we started dating. My favorite is the one where shoelace flys away after throwing acorns on you ^^ He surprised me with signed copies from you of that one and this panel as an anniversary present :D Let me mention, we live in the US. I love them and keep up the good work!

  • AmA

    09 Apr '17

    oh lawd i have a fear of deer no joke

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