• Li

    24 Jul '13

    The other night I dreamt that I was living in a different house and there were lots of stray cats around and one of them came inside with a dead pigeon and it was really gross, then the next day a real pigeon walked (strutted) into my room while I was working!

    Also, I made a diagram of how I put comics on the internet yesterday that you may like if you missed it.

  • Alex

    24 Jul '13

    Haha :D just like me XD

  • heather

    24 Jul '13

    *psst! jordan, tell her you love the deadly melt machine!*

  • Liz

    24 Jul '13

    I love CHEESE! Melted CHEESE! Muhahaha

  • Lynda

    24 Jul '13

    I love dancing too!! And singing as well XD

  • Introbulus

    24 Jul '13

    What if he said he loved Li? ...Then this comic would be sad. :(

  • Zemyla

    25 Jul '13

    Shoelace is the perfect villainous lap cat.

  • Sven

    25 Jul '13

    His name is Lace. Shoelace.

  • Mikkel Hansen

    25 Jul '13

    Use the transmogriffer to change something he loves INTO dancing and Then melt it *evil grin*

  • sarah penguin

    25 Jul '13


  • Carlos

    25 Jul '13

    You can melt his feet. Ok no.

  • Lia

    25 Jul '13

    Then how about I melt... YOUR FACE!

  • jo

    25 Jul '13

    plans foiled again! darn it, jordan!

  • Paul

    26 Jul '13

    Oh my, someone is getting a bit edgy. I think this is the first time I saw what some people could consider a "bad word."

  • Nick

    27 Jul '13

    Yeah, I was shocked by the loss of innocence too.

  • yl

    28 Jul '13

    Innocence was lost long ago. Did you all forget about this one? http://www.exocomics.com/193

  • Lathya

    30 Jul '13

    ...you can melt his legs then he can't dance anymore.

  • Airship Pilot

    07 Aug '13

    He could dance with his hands?

  • Katie

    29 Aug '13


  • Justin

    19 Feb '15

    This is the comic that got me drawn in. No pun intended.

  • 2spooky

    14 Apr '16

    OMG! Coronation Street! ^^

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