• Li
    3 Jul '13

    I started reading Yotsuba&! recently and it’s the best! I’m trying to read more long format comics/graphic novels because I haven’t really read any and I want to get better at making comics by reading more of them. If you have any suggestions of comics I might like, let me know! Any other comics like Yotsuba&! would be amazing! (I already know Azumanga Daioh)

  • Rhys Almario
    Rhys Almario
    3 Jul '13

    Yotsuba is amazing c:

  • derp
    3 Jul '13

    short life :(

  • kangarooster
    3 Jul '13

    L-longcat!? Is that you??

  • T
    3 Jul '13

    Bonnouji is adorable and hilarious if you can find it.

  • Simon Moreal
    Simon Moreal
    3 Jul '13

    Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.

  • Angela
    3 Jul '13

    I recommend Pita-Ten by Koge Donbo, it's very cute.

  • Lynda
    3 Jul '13

    Yotsuba is a lot of fun to read!! :D And Shoelace is cheating!!!! lol. Hope you're having a good week :)

  • Matt
    3 Jul '13

    If you can find it, I highly recommend Owly. It's an absolutely adorable comic, I think you'll love it.

  • Introbulus
    3 Jul '13

    Try Nichijou! It's a very unique interpretation of "ordinary life".

    And don't let Shoelace cheat like that! He can already fly. He doesn't need to be taller than you too. Also cats should not be taller than a person. That would be silly.

  • Iqwan
    3 Jul '13

    You're so talented! <3

  • Azurist
    3 Jul '13

    But then... Who drew Shoelace's line?!

  • Bunni
    3 Jul '13

    I read a lot of manga, manwha, webcomics, and online books. There are so many kinds of comics out there to read. My suggestion is Hirameki Hatsume-chan. It is a simple 4-Koma about a little girl and her invention a box. Really super funny and I love the 4 Koma style. Something about the style and the characters reminds me of your comic.

  • Ryan
    3 Jul '13

    If we're just naming off random manga... I haven't read Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, but I've watched the anime. I'd say the manga for that is worth looking into. And if you like Pokemon, the manga is pretty awesome there... makes me realize I haven't read a lot of good manga. >_>;

  • Fogetti
    4 Jul '13


  • D
    4 Jul '13

    You can read lots of different ones on or and it's easy to find good ones if you use the search or "popular manga/manhwa/manhua/webtoon" list

  • Kierra
    4 Jul '13

    I've heard a lot of great things about Yotsuba&!
    On a unrelated not, where did your glasses go in the third panel?

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    4 Jul '13

    Gosh this was fun!

  • Puffer Fish
    Puffer Fish
    4 Jul '13

    Yotsuba&! is WONDERFUL! I'm glad you're reading it. It's the only manga I've honestly read nearly all of (I keep losing the sites I read it on lol) and it's forever one of my favorite things ever. ^_^

  • Gala
    4 Jul '13

    Hey there! I don't know anything about what you're asking for. I just wanted to say Hi! from Argentina. We love your comics woman, keep on drawing that way.

  • Dan
    4 Jul '13

    "Yakitate! Japan" would be an excellent choice.

  • Ryou
    4 Jul '13

    If you like absurdist yet adorable humor, I'd highly suggest reading or watching Nichijou.

  • Nanairo
    4 Jul '13

    I feel like the only one who understood the inline reference. Azumanga Daioh is awesome.

  • Sebastian
    4 Jul '13

    Bunny Drop / Usagi Drop is supercute and funny as well.. but a little more dramatic and heart-warming

  • Husnu
    4 Jul '13

    You might like Mainichi Kaasan

  • Rhi
    4 Jul '13

    There's a shoelace in them fruits...

  • Angelica
    4 Jul '13


  • Aaron
    4 Jul '13

    I know it's older, but Wish by Clamp is adorable

  • anachalom
    4 Jul '13

    I found this one, that have autobiographic and fictional comics.
    Hope you'll enjoy

  • Sou
    4 Jul '13

    Not manga-style, but a great graphic novel is MouseGuard.

  • Steve
    4 Jul '13

    Ahhh I wish I could forget Yotsuba&! just so I could experience it for the first time again!

  • Austen
    4 Jul '13

    My favorite graphic novel is Blankets by Craig Thompson.

  • Hannah
    4 Jul '13


  • il biggo
    il biggo
    4 Jul '13

    Another Nichijou fan here. The anime - I didn't even know there was a manga.
    The anime is pure sillyness and grandiose sound effects, graphical madness and sub-graph-text (sorry, I don't know how to call the use of graphic style changes to convey concepts), comedy and comedy-about-comedy, and well it's hysterical.
    Watch it. Do it. NOW.

  • Pebl
    4 Jul '13

    If you like Yotsuba, you might like Barakamon by Yoshino Satsuki. :D

  • Airship Pilot
    Airship Pilot
    4 Jul '13

    It'll be quite easy to get from Yotsuba to Azumanga Daioh... #AnyoneNoticeTheMouseHouse?

  • Airship Pilot
    Airship Pilot
    4 Jul '13

    Because I'm pretty sure they're made by the same person... Right?
    (Azumanga Daioh & Yotsuba)

  • maravilla
    5 Jul '13

    Yotsubato is AMAZING! love it too ^^, kinda similar is Clamps Kobato, it's about this girl who has no clue about the world but needs to 'heal hearts' to get a certain wish granted. it is ultra cute yet deep in story line but also kinda episodic ^^ there is also an anime but midway it deviates greatly from the manga and has a VERY different ending.

  • Doko
    5 Jul '13

    Well then... I honestly would have figured from your comics that you already read Yotsuba haha. It's never too late :P No suggestions really, just here to say I love Azumanga Daioh The Animation more than life itself

  • Oi!
    5 Jul '13

    You should read Oyasumi PunPun. It's really good art wise and story wise. It's a slice of life one but the artwork is much more realistic than normal graphic novels. Very crude yet beautiful. The main character, punpun, is represented as some sorta bird looking character. I have no idea why but it gives you a good feeling of the character.

  • Nanupin
    5 Jul '13

    Pani Poni Dash, Lucky Star, and you can look up the genre "Slice of Life" on some manga sites :) Good luck! And don't worry, you're still taller than me.

  • Patty
    5 Jul '13

    Fruit Basket is good

  • Rue
    5 Jul '13

    Fruits Basket is a really good manga. *nodnod*

  • jo
    5 Jul '13

    and YAY yotsuba&! is great =DD

  • kytten
    5 Jul '13!/userrecs :)

  • SK
    5 Jul '13

    Hellsing! Is very good! =D

  • Matthias
    6 Jul '13

    Of course, you should read Watchmen.

  • Paul
    6 Jul '13

    K-On is a pretty good manga, although it's nowhere near as good as your comics. Nothing is :D

  • Red_Panda
    6 Jul '13

    Yotsuba&! and Azumanga Daioh are both great! I personally recommend Nichijou. It will have you rolling on the floor laughing within seconds. Both the anime and manga versions are awesome, but you may not be able to find either of them anywhere other than online.

  • Zack
    6 Jul '13

    But wait...7/13 Li....SHE'S A TIME TRAVELLER!
    I know your secret Li, I knows it.

  • Rc
    7 Jul '13

    Ryuushika Ryuushika is similar to Yatsuba&.

  • Chris
    7 Jul '13

    I'm #6 to recommend Nichijou (I only watched the anime). The characters are developed during the really funny skits, making it both entertaining and satisfying to watch.

  • Tsu
    8 Jul '13

    Yotsuba&! is amazing~ I greatly recommend Nichijou as well, for the random and exaggerating laughs. Recently, a really funny anime called Servant x Service came out as well; I'm also recommending Working! by the same creators. All of these are hilarious. Not sure if they have any comics though.

  • Jack
    9 Jul '13

    If you like Yotsuba and Azumanga Daioh you'd probably like Nichijou and Cromartie High School

  • Kevin
    9 Jul '13

    Yotsuba&! is one of my favourite and if you like that, I would read Lucky Star and K-On! Nichijou as well for sure. I think it would give you some cool inspiration!

  • joe
    10 Jul '13

    I just want to say thanks to Li and all the great comments here, I've found several new manga/anime that I would have never otherwise noticed!

  • Érdren
    10 Jul '13

    I've started reading "Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes" recently, and although it takes a couple of pages for it to pick up and find its style, hoo boy, does it get intense from their on out. Per the TV Tropes page:

    "Goblins: Life Through Their Eyes is a webcomic written, penciled, and colored by Tarol Hunt, nicknamed Thunt, following the adventures of a band of, well, goblins, as they fight off evil adventurers. It's a role reversal of the typical adventure RPG Dungeons & Dragons, though familiarity with the game isn't required to understand what's happening.

    The main story follows five members of a cannon-fodder goblin tribe (Thaco, Chief, Big-Ears, Complains-of-Names, and Fumbles) who decide to stop being cannon fodder and become Player Characters. A side plot follows a sixth goblin (Dies-Horribly) who goes on a solo adventure arc quite against his will. It features detailed world-building (including quite a few whole-cloth, background creatures with detailed biologies) and characterization, particularly of the villains. One of the goblin characters, Big-Ears, is a rare instance of a truly gentle, heroic and noble paladin, while the paladin status of the most opaque and brutal villain, Kore, thus far is one of the most foreboding mysteries.

    The comic doesn't give its characters very long to get used to their newfound abilities as heroes. Goblins thrusts its main characters in over their heads almost immediately, locks them into a course of action they can't possibly handle, and then calls into play a series of oddities, Deus ex Machina, coincidences, character-driven actions, more Deus ex Machina, and Chekhov's Guns that collectively get the heroes into a position where they might possibly be able to escape their impossible predicament. Because it didn't seem like they'd get into this much danger this quickly, the story instantly became edge-of-your-seat reading."

    It's short, and the whole thing could probably be read in a couple of days in an archive binge. It can be found here:

  • Érdren
    10 Jul '13

    Oh, wow... so paragraph breaks don't work here. Sorry about the wall of text. Summary is: There's this webcomic called "Goblins", and it's awesome. TV Tropes has a good summary about it if you want to read a bit about it first. It's no particularly long, but gets intense quickly. Comic is here:

  • Doko
    11 Jul '13

    Thanks to the people who recommended Nichijou in here, I've been addicted all week... It's a pain not being able to get the intro song out of my head though

  • Dejan
    11 Jul '13

    Hare & Guu

  • joeyjoestar
    11 Jul '13

    Just realizing how much Shoelace is like Jake from Adventure Time!? who do you think would win in a fight?

  • Talia
    12 Jul '13

    +Anima is an obscure one but still one of my favorites

  • T
    19 Jul '13

    Wow you're still growing? Wish I could lol

  • Ela
    25 Jul '13

    Oyasumi Punpun and Nichijou are pretty great!

  • meep
    31 Jul '13

    CHII'S SWEET HOME!! it always makes me think of you and your cat! xD

  • Mal
    3 Aug '13

    A really cute cat manga is Chi's Sweet Home. I really liked it and Yotsuba&! :)

  • daisy
    6 Aug '13

    Yotsuba& and azumanga daioh are amazing! It feels so great to share your taste Hahaha :D

  • Noclof
    7 Sep '13

    If you haven't already, you should check out Questionable Content, Shortpacked, Dumbing of Age and Blaster Nation (all webcomics). In the manga section my favorites are Genshiken, Welcome to the NHK!, Aria (first two Volumes are called Aqua) and Battle Angel Alita.

    Greetings from Germany!

  • feii
    29 Sep '13

    Yotsuba koiwai~

  • Asparto
    31 Oct '13

    Awesome comics. You and Shoelace are my heroes.

  • Henry
    21 Nov '13

    What happened to your glasses??

  • Ultrabenosaurus
    1 Feb '16

    If you're still welcoming recommendations then check out Akumetsu (political/action) and Prunus Girl (romcom). My two all-time favourite manga.