• Li

    26 Jun '13

    Hello! You good? Having a good week?

  • NotElephant

    26 Jun '13

    Hey! You have desk balls!

  • The Demon Clown

    26 Jun '13


  • Gorbles

    26 Jun '13

    That last scene is brilliant :D

  • Shem

    26 Jun '13

    funny, this is how insurance really works

  • Passerby

    26 Jun '13

    I should fake some claims.

  • George

    26 Jun '13

    That picture of Shoelace, oh myyyyyyy

  • Bunni

    26 Jun '13

    I want to open my own chocolate insurance company. :) BTW- having a super week, how about you?

  • Lynda

    26 Jun '13

    That's too cute ^-^ Week is okay. Hope you're having a good week as well, Li! :)

  • Ed

    26 Jun '13

    Well my week looks a bit better after reading this comic. Being an adult sucks.

  • Anon

    26 Jun '13

    Being from Chrsitchurch, this amuses me.

  • Lyka

    26 Jun '13

    This cheered me up after taking a very depressing test at school earlier. Thanks Li~ :)

  • Introbulus

    26 Jun '13

    The best part (besides the picture of Jordan on her wall) is that Shoelace seems to have certified her degree.

  • Mitchell

    27 Jun '13

    Googling "desk balls" could go horribly awry. Glad it was successful for you.

  • Kilgore Trout

    27 Jun '13

    spawns a tiny monthy python scetch... "this is chocolate assurance company" "please give me your chocolates so i can assure..." "i have assured your chocolates..." "and now for something completely different..."

  • Juan Ma

    27 Jun '13

    I was hoping that Shoelace would move in the painting :( Anyways, I'm interested in your company. I have a Biscuit Insurance company, and I was thinking that we can fuse them on a Biscuit and Chocolate Insurance :D

  • chronodekar

    27 Jun '13

    I found the shark with a bowl around its face amusing. -chronodekar

  • sarah penguin

    27 Jun '13

    Adorable and fun as always! :)

  • Diego

    27 Jun '13


  • john

    27 Jun '13

    i still wanna know who li chen is in real life =(

  • zh

    27 Jun '13

    sneaky desk balls only click when nobody else is around, i see...

  • Mitch

    28 Jun '13

    LOL at Shoelace being all "paint me"

  • Tutu J.

    28 Jun '13

    Ha! That's hilarious ! Your comics always brighten my day! PS Having a good week, Thanks!(Finally someone asks!)

  • Konoko

    29 Jun '13

    Oh my word, desk balls. It was hard not to lol. And yeah, I good. Week started slowly, but it's going pretty nicely now! Mmm, Friday.

  • Dylan

    30 Jun '13

    Is it possible to make a withdrawal?

  • Cat lover

    01 Jul '13

    Soooo cute

  • Liz

    03 Jul '13

    Desk balls. I can only imagine some of the strange things Google came up with *other* than Newton's cradle. Hahaha.

  • Sander

    03 Jul '13

    Chart: Insurance of love goes up?

  • Alexis

    22 Aug '13

    Hey! You read Pun Pun!!

  • Paxcow

    02 Sep '13

    Professional Shark's candor and forward-thinking is impervious to whatever bowls may be on his head.

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