• Li
    12 Jun '13

    I drew a picture of my favourite part of the last episode of Game of Thrones. Can’t believe this season is over already :(

  • Sourabh Singh
    Sourabh Singh
    12 Jun '13

    I love GOT too, i'm thinking i gotta start reading the books maybe. All this waiting is so frustrating.
    Speaking of waiting, Hey Li, please make comics more often, All this waiting is so frustrating. :) Love ya.

  • Gustavo
    12 Jun '13

    Li, your comics don't show on feed. Maybe because something like a anti-hotlink. Can you fix it, plz?

  • Crystal Muller
    Crystal Muller
    12 Jun '13

    The books are definately worth reading, I've already read all the ones that have been released so far... Just waiting for the next one to be released.

  • Sourabh Singh
    Sourabh Singh
    12 Jun '13

    If you've read the books, How do you like the show? I have a feeling that this is the only show that does as much Justice to the books as possible but still, I know that feeling when you watch a movie on a book you've read, and it's completely different than what you had in your mind.

    Reading a book, you are the director of the movie being created in your mind. Seeing it from someone else 's perspective is hard.

  • Ben Harcourt
    Ben Harcourt
    12 Jun '13

    Do you, prehaps, read from the Book of Found Kittens ( Are you one of us, joined in the Great Common Task?

  • Introbulus
    12 Jun '13

    For those of you interested in what picture she's looking at, go back 2 pages.

  • Jez
    12 Jun '13

    Where is cats?
    Where're cats?

    Whoa, cats.

  • jo
    13 Jun '13

    i need that in my life.

  • Johnnie Lucille
    Johnnie Lucille
    13 Jun '13

    I so want to see what's in that book, now... I'm kinda picturing Where's Waldo in reverse. =P

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    13 Jun '13

    Funny and cute :)

  • Mayara
    13 Jun '13

    muito legal as suas histórias, mais legal é ver a sua evolução de traço ... :) Parabéns!

  • oish
    13 Jun '13

    Got GOT?

  • Boot Loader
    Boot Loader
    13 Jun '13

    Got PLT?

  • Rachel
    14 Jun '13

    I would read a book called "Where's Cats?" and I wish Li would publish this.

  • Jester
    14 Jun '13

    Hello, I am a budding artist. I found your comics a few days ago and read them all in a matter of hours, consider me a huge fan. What I would like to ask i how do you go about starting up a webcomic? Dying to get one up and running and find out how it goes.

  • chronodekar
    14 Jun '13

    That ... was confusing. :( -chronodekar

  • Kaze
    15 Jun '13

    catscatscatscats :3

  • Nanupin
    15 Jun '13

    :) Li, I <3 your comics more than anyone! (Promise) But how did you start a webcomic? I think I'd like to also. Thanks! :)

  • shayna
    25 Jul '13

    Question is Where is Li's shadow in frame 1? >_> <_<

  • Anya
    11 Oct '13

    Where's Cats? Haha, did you copy Where's Wally? :))) BTW, I LOVE YOUR COMIC STRIPS :)

  • D
    18 Mar '14

    That's so funny. I immediately thought of GoT when I saw the strip and what Tywin said to Tyrion: wherever cats go...