• Li
    5 Jun '13

    Yes. That is how it is. In other things, I posted these photos on facebook showing the process of drawing last week’s comic, in case you might want to see.

  • Tony
    5 Jun '13

    heheh i liked

  • Hiro
    5 Jun '13


  • dsquirrel
    5 Jun '13

    Li and Jordan live in the future!

  • Eliche
    5 Jun '13


  • Introbulus
    5 Jun '13

    You have to replace a shark's nose every week, or they'll be very upset.

  • me
    6 Jun '13

    i dont get it :(

  • you
    6 Jun '13

    Jordan's nose exists in the comic world as a drawing, which apparently needs to be redrawn every time a new comic is made. I do not understand it either, but there is some link between comics being drawn on Wednesday in the real world and Jordan's nose being redrawn on Wednesday in the comic world.

  • Salvador 7
    Salvador 7
    6 Jun '13

    Dear Li i love you creativity and imagination, please never stop it :D

  • sarah penguin
    sarah penguin
    6 Jun '13

    Cute and funny :)

  • asd
    6 Jun '13

    what a load of shit

  • Darkmeow
    6 Jun '13

    This web strip is SO FREAKIN POOPIN ADORABLE. That is all.

  • SCFoximus
    6 Jun '13

    You use the same pen to draw Jordan's nose as you do to mark off your calendar?!
    But... but... all the wasted noses!
    OR! Now your calendar has a bunch of crisscrossed noses on it!
    ... I wonder how well it can smell with all those noses... hmm...

  • jo
    6 Jun '13

    what would jordan do without you xD

  • heather
    6 Jun '13

    jordan is very fortunate to have you around. not everyone gets a fresh nose every week :)

  • Lynda
    6 Jun '13

    heh heh heh ^-^

  • chronodekar
    6 Jun '13

    That was amusing. :) -chronodekar

  • Dark Helmet
    Dark Helmet
    6 Jun '13

    if this gets any bit more cute or ever drawn in pink them intarwebbs will explode with rainbows and unicorns!

  • Cat
    8 Jun '13

    It's cool

  • Ur Best Friend
    Ur Best Friend
    12 Jun '13


  • Annie
    12 Jun '13

    What about your nose, Li? WHAT ABOUT YOURS?

  • meow face
    meow face
    14 Jun '13

    annie, li doesn't have a nose

  • Cool man 25
    Cool man 25
    13 Feb '14

    Guys Jordan doesn't have a nose so when he's asleep li has to draw a new one every Wednesday Duh.