• Li

    29 May '13

    We added some new non-comic prints to the store! Some are additional exocomics artwork from our facebook page, and others are artwork that I've done on the side. We've changed printers and the new prints look amazing, you can see some of them here. If you want to buy prints of works that aren’t listed here, email me and I’ll see what I can do. You can see my flickr for all my unrelated artwork :)

  • bunnitos

    29 May '13

    Zoooooooom! =D

  • bunnitos

    29 May '13

    Screech! =D

  • Octavian Damiean

    29 May '13

    That's just brilliant! Mine are just like that ...

  • Lynda

    29 May '13

    Oh my glob, that is just too cute!!

  • Ronald

    29 May '13

    This one is particularly cute. Good job. :D

  • Chris

    29 May '13

    Is that Majin shoelace on the left?

  • Introbulus

    29 May '13

    I would watch this movie.

  • Josephine

    30 May '13

    soooo many cats! :3

  • Maddie

    30 May '13

    Haha, it's a miserable day, and this really cheered me up! :D

  • sarah penguin

    30 May '13

    Oh my gosh :) So adorable! :)

  • Keb

    30 May '13

    Just one or two cats, don't go crazy...

  • Mel

    30 May '13

    Calico Drift ...

  • Mr Fox

    30 May '13

    Li Chen is watching what I type... Im so nervous that I feel like I have to write good things!

  • Kilby

    30 May '13

    That title reminded me of the old Road Runner cartoon "Fast and Furryous" - which led me to discover that the cartoon's title was a reference to a 1939 film "Fast & Furious".

  • Josie

    30 May '13

    This is my favourite one so far. Love it!

  • Colin

    31 May '13

    Li, what are you doing hiding amongst the cats?

  • chronodekar

    31 May '13

    Ha,ha! -chronodekar

  • GRIS

    03 Jun '13

    JAJAJA <3

  • Onni

    04 Jun '13

    wow! simple and funny! hahaha like it! (^O^)b

  • Magma Lair

    05 Jun '13

    Holy crap this comic series is good. Sorry that I was so late to find this!

  • silumanluwak

    10 Jun '13

    I wish my cat can drive an American muscle

  • Siran

    17 Jun '13

    There's so much heart in your comics, I always feel warm and cozy when looking at them. Extraordinary! =)

  • KilYou

    21 Jun '13

    The Cats and The Curious

  • Iqwan

    28 Jun '13

    That is fantastic drawing ever!!!!

  • Maria Dalva

    19 Jul '13

    I loved this one!! Love your comics! <3

  • Prince Jacob

    08 Aug '13

    HAHA Awesome drawing and I love this one. lol I love your comics and I wanted to know if it's okay if I color some of them for fun, I'm not sure if you already do that... and I would put them on tumblr and of course, I would give you credit! :) I mean, its your skills not mine lol

  • Ralphi

    31 Oct '13


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