• Li

    22 May '13

    I hope all of you are having a great week :)

  • Serena

    22 May '13

    This is beautiful ^_^

  • ele

    22 May '13

    why jordan has this look? has afraid of jellyfish?

  • Brohan

    22 May '13

    just keep swimming just keep swimming

  • Z0mbiegrl

    22 May '13

    I'm on vacation, so it is a great week! And the comic is lovely. Will you make the illustration available as a wallpaper?

  • Peter K

    22 May '13

    It's funny that yesterday's Bing wallpaper was the same color of moon jellyfish: http://bingwallpaper.com/20130521.html

  • Kaze

    22 May '13

    Beautiful :>

  • Juan

    22 May '13

    You should have a like button!, I deffinitely love this image! :D

  • Sian

    23 May '13

    so awesome! you should make it into a desktop wallpaper :)

  • Lickwid

    23 May '13

    Such a huge sigh of satisfaction right now. Your drawings do a delightful thing for my imagination and makes me feel all child like again! and jelly fish are just my favourite! So very surreal.

  • Esra

    23 May '13

    I love the way you do magic with light..

  • Jimmy

    23 May '13

    This made my day

  • maravilla

    23 May '13

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so beautifull! I LOVE jellyfish, they are so awsome (well as long as you just look at them and don't touch them that is)

  • Merel

    23 May '13


  • Franck S

    23 May '13

    Jordan looks pissed... Because it is in color this time maybe ?

  • Vicky

    23 May '13

    (sorry i don't speak or write english) I love your job! It's amaizing. You are so cute and all your comics are so beatiful.

  • Pam

    23 May '13

    Is that bread Li has in the bag? Toast with Jellyfish? <3

  • sarah penguin

    23 May '13

    Oh wow, gunna put this in my deskytop wallpaper folder!

  • Vaxjo

    23 May '13

    Those aren't jellyfish. I'm pretty sure they're Metroid.

  • Chloe

    23 May '13

    I was so excited to see what you would put up today.. it's my birthday :)

  • Anthony

    23 May '13

    I wouldn't mind this as a wall paper..

  • Appul

    23 May '13


  • Poofy

    23 May '13

    Aww amazing! Pleasr make wallpaper size! ^_^

  • Christina

    23 May '13

    Please make this into a wallpaper!

  • Lynda

    23 May '13

    So awesome!! I hope you have a great week too! ^w^

  • Chrolmesq

    23 May '13

    Is there a way for us to get the large/original size image of the comic for a wallpaper?

  • Lisa

    25 May '13

    A picnic in the sea? Surreal. All that's missing is space shark! =D He wouldn't be space shark if he's in the ocean though, huh? =(

  • Spot

    25 May '13

    Is the bread for making jelly sandwiches? How are you supposed to get jelly out of a jellyfish anyway?

  • Glen

    25 May '13

    Wow! This would be amazing as a wallpaper!

  • Lindsay

    25 May '13

    Man I always wanna read your comics but there's only like 1000, could you please either post like 5 times a week or have been posting since 1992 so there are lots more for me to go back and read? Please and thank you :)

  • bunnitos

    25 May '13


  • Dylan

    27 May '13

    I wonder what it's like to live in your head. Also, love the artwork.

  • Nonym

    29 May '13

    sea jellies! sea Jellies everywhere!

  • Curtis

    30 May '13

    Could you please make a video of you drawing these? These are so amazing!

  • Luc

    07 Jun '13

    I say Wallpaper!

  • Luc

    07 Jun '13

    Oh actually, there is a wallpaper version. Didn't realize it was under the Downloads section. Great!

  • Cyndy

    04 Jul '13

    Jellyfish Princess!

  • Zechary

    17 Jul '13

    I'm so jelly~~~~

  • ThatCowboyGuy

    12 Sep '13

    This reminds me of the artwork from the Flight comics anthology series edited by Kazu Kibuishi. This illustration would fit in perfectly! Whimsical, haunting and beautiful all in one image. Great work, Li!

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