• Pan

    15 Jul '10

    Hi, I'm an incarnation of Hitler, which is why I hate quite a lot of things. I plan to go work in the LHC someday and due to a minor technical glitch (heheh) create a black hole (after disposing with Wil Wheaton, that is). Yes, I am a misanthrope and the Vogons paid me off to do away with this planet so that they can build an intergalactic bypass. Corruption is rife at that level of organisation too, you know. Why do I reveal my evil plan here, you ask? Because I'm sure nobody would believe me; also I'm quite sure people have stopped reading this chain of comments. For your satisfaction, I will save a hard drive full of Black Books, Monty Python and The Thick of It from the destruction. Hate, Hitler

  • Daniel

    22 Jul '10

    Hey li i'm daniel. I am Canadian i lived in shanghai for 3 years where i married my wife. we live in canada now. we have 3 cats and a dog.

  • Sara

    26 Jul '10

    I live in Texas. I am completely over-the-top obsessed with Harry Potter. I am terrified of dolphins. I collect garden gnomes. I have one kitty named Dizzy. Dizzy is the love of my life. I like sunshine. Love, Sara :)

  • Candace

    27 Jul '10

    I live in alabama and had a boyfriend named steven, these comics are parallel to when we lived together with our cat inkcat. He'll tell you in a heartbeat that i'm just like Li :) I don't like spiders and books are my drug. :)

  • Megan

    29 Jul '10

    I live in gerogia. Ilive with two friends and my adorible cat Rigel. I am i collage for a degree in astrophysics cant spell if my life depended on it but i can do complex math ^_^ My boyfriend will stumbled across your comic and immediatly told me cause he read it nad thought he was walking around in my house. Love your comic Keep it up <3

  • Nicole

    30 Jul '10

    I live in Austin, Texas. I have a cat named Toby who's too skinny, a cat named Cupid who's too fat, and a dog named Poncho. I go caving; people think I'm crazy, but I love crawling my way through the dark, damp and dirt for hours. It's usually worth it, too, to discover new passage and come across huge rooms with sparkling formations ^_^ I love Pocky and Halo and photography and any film by Miyazaki. I'm not afraid of spiders! Just the dark, and really deep water. <3 you!

  • sandycube

    04 Aug '10

    I have a bachelors in architecture from University of Oklahoma. I am secretly waiting for the zombie apocalypse. I do not like cats, they make me sneeze and their tongues are dry and weird. I love dogs though. My dogs name is Trillion. I found this on stumbleupon. Also, I'm Asian as well.

  • tyler

    05 Aug '10

    my names tyler my favorite fruits are lemons and limes my favorite band are the beatles i love wikipedia two i love youtube and roblox im in college to become an engineer and i love video games

  • Robert

    06 Aug '10

    Hello people of the internet, my name's Robert. I'm 19 years old, in the army, and absolutely adore math and physics. When I get out I'm going to go to college and see how I like electrical engineering. I stumbled on your comic and don't ever really comment on anything but I decided it'd be nice to join in the fun of this one. I never understood why anyone could be afraid of spiders, I mean they are very tiny and very squish-able, even the largest ones still being very squish-able. I'm from Washington (the state, not the city...I get that question a lot) originally and do miss my home very much. I think I've gone long enough and made this sound enough like a personals ad that I can leave now. I just discovered your comic today by the way and it's adorable so imma keep on reading till the end. Oh, and I collect comic books. Sorry, that just needed to be said, cause they are a giant part of who I am. Anywhoodles, keep up the great comics.

  • Robert

    06 Aug '10

    Crap, I forgot, my grandmother owns a farm and there used to be lots and lots and lots of peacocks running around everywhere. So we collected peacock feathers and balanced them on our noses and stuff. I love it, and I love them. I'm sorry you are afraid of them because they're really quite beautiful. My sister was one for Halloween one year and everyone was commenting on how great it was she had real feathers. Sorry about that, just had to throw it in. I'm done now, but for realsies this time.

  • Rebecah

    06 Aug '10

    Hi! I am Rebecah! My full name means abiding grace young warrior, and I have a obsession with names. I live in Missouri, with my roommate and coworker Jessica, and her kitten Kisa, AKA Fuzzy Butt. I want to be an English teacher, and have a passion for books (Lord of the Rings is my fave). My greatest fear is to be accused as a witch and burned at the stake! Oh and by the way I am 21! I have a plan for all major catastrophes (Including the Zombie apocalypse).

  • Liang

    07 Aug '10

    Hi! I'm Liang. I was born in China. I moved to the UK when I was 4 and from there to Canada when I was 10. When I was was 22, I graduated from the University of Toronto, with double majors in Architecture and Women's Studes. I'm now 25 and I live with David and our cat, Molson. I love your comics, but they also scare me because of how close they resemble my life. You guys even look like us. I've always been scared of doppelgangers.

  • Kat

    07 Aug '10

    Greetings and salutations~ My name is Katlyn, pronounced Kat and Lyn not Kate and Lyn. I dislike the name Katie and my middle name Rebecca D: Annnyways~ I was born in New York and thus I'm still here though I've been to Canada (and angered people by saying Cah-nan-na-nan-ah-da, its not my fault Canada reminds me of Banana). I'm 20 now, a few months shy of the elusive 21 Party Town invitation, and in college for a weird mix of English, Japanese, and Elementary Education (it'll work out! hopefully!). This summer I spent my time being an aide in a summer school program for special needs children. I have a wide range of fears: spiders, deep water (Legend of Zelda water temple ruined me), mirrors (afraid of something being behind me in a horror movie fashion), and structural integrity. I've always wanted to start a webcomic and have dozens of sketchbooks full of ideas/comic styles. However I don't think I ever will since I get distracted/lose interest. Other than that I play World of Warcraft, Gaia Online, Dungeons and Dragons (pencil paper version) and I play the ocarina.

  • Ariel

    07 Aug '10

    Hi, my name is Ariel. I'm rather unimportant, but it feels good that someone might actually read this. It makes me feel better. End.

  • Lisa

    07 Aug '10

    Yay fun! I was born in Ontario and I live in Toronto. I'm 21. I'm very short (5'0). I have 3 cats: Tigger, Yuki and Molly. Molly is so liiittle ^o^. I love chocolate! I drink tea with milk and sugar, and if I'm lucky, a cookie every day. I read science fiction novels. I have a boyfriend who calls me cupcake. He and I are watching 'Soul Eater' right now. I hate doing the dishes and hanging up wet laundry. My boyfriend showed me your comic, cause he was reminded of the mighty me, I was looking at the kitty and going "She has a kitty tooo! <3". I'm gonna sit down and read you comics all night now. Bye!

  • Rae

    09 Aug '10

    Hi Li, I'm Rae... and at least based on the little bios here, I'm apparently your oldest reader at a crotchety 39 years old with 3 kids who are older than several of your fans! I have two kitties, Grand Dame Gizzy Plushybutt and Master Milo Mindbender (Gizzy & Milo). Since we adopted both of them when they were older (and thus named), I have aspirations of eventually ending up with two kitties young enough to NOT yet have names - and they will become Pixel and Random Numbers. I'm an old geek... I've been playing around with computers since 2nd grade and still remember learning BASIC. I'm a gamer (PC, RPG, I'm not picky) anxiously awaiting the release of Diablo III, and more than a little obsessed with Dragons. I'm a major Sci-Fi/Fantasy buff, drawn to everything from Heinlein (obviously), Asimov, or Card to Rowling or McCaffrey and anything in between. I live in Michigan in the United States, I'm disgustingly happily married, and I am now officially in love with your comic! Pleasure to "meet" you!

  • Michael

    10 Aug '10

    Hi Li, I'm michael and i'm from england. now i know you're from new zealand i read all your comics in Jermaine's voice from flight of the conchords. I have a cat too. from Michael

  • Li

    11 Aug '10

    @Michael: now I can't stop reading my comics in Jermaine's voice

  • Kalico

    12 Aug '10

    My (nick)name is Kalico, I have a boyfriend, his name is Ryan, I've had him for three months now. I have two bunnies, Charlies and Chocobo. I am a full time student and writer. I have mad skills and I'm funny. If there was a Zombie Apocalypse, I know Krav Maga and how to play dead. I'm also addicted to videogames. Secretly I am a vigilante, my power is kicking people in the nuts/snatch. Yes, it is the best power. No, I would not like invisibility because I have a great body.

  • Chloe

    14 Aug '10

    hi Li. Im Chloe and im Nearly 19! I am a Medical Scientist in training :) I have a boyfriend (Monkey Man Darrell!) and 2 daft dogs, Niki and Benji. I am an Irish girl Through and through but however get mistaken for Swedish or Polish because of my hair. I am a Resident Evil addict but can only play at Darrell's cause i dont have an xbox yet. 'Humph' But i have Awesome accuracy! I have 2 sisters not quite as random as me but close! 1 of my better habits is writing! I have a very over active imagination!

  • zebra

    15 Aug '10

    hey my name is zebra i love drawing, poetry, and music. my favorite game is assassin's creed and i think fallout 3 is a stupid game. i have an imagination like no other and when i found this comic i was happy that i wasnt the only one. :D p.s. me thinks you and jordan are the cutest couple evar!!

  • aline

    15 Aug '10

    I´m Aline, 29, mexican and musician. Love cats, dogs, pigs and bunnies. Between jobs, not for much longer, a little geek, all about mac, with a very tall boyfriend (1.86 mts) Love playing wii, scary and insane movies, eating desserts. Great site, made my day!

  • Viri

    16 Aug '10

    Hello! I'm Viri, I don't have a boyfriend and I don't have a cat but I have a dog who is the love of my life at the moment. I'm a graphic designer, 23 recently graduated and I have a passion for extreme horror movies, cooking and colorful daisies! I love reading, listening to new music and I drink iced chai tea every single afternoon. My brother just recently moved out and took his xbox with him so I can't play GTA IV anymore and do exactly what you do. possibly the cutest webcomic I've ever read! :)

  • That Girl With A Blog

    17 Aug '10

    Hi Li! My name's Amanda. I'm 25 as of yesterday. I live in Pennsylvania with my husband, Adam, and our furry child, Twiggins. He loves to take over my whole bed, too, and he likes to meow an awful lot. I like drawing little pictures and cleaning and organizing things. I like reading books and playing video games made for 8 year old girls. I like watching cartoons and eating candy. Aaaand....I think your comic is awesome. :D

  • Aiana Flynn

    17 Aug '10

    Hi, Li! My name is Aiana, I'm 22 years old. I live in Kentucky with my fiancee, Oz, and our cat Roslin. She's a bit of an attention whore, and generally demands to sleep on top of my laptop's keyboard when I'm trying to draw. I'm an apprentice at a tattoo studio and Oz is in the US Army. I like amateur radio, chasing tornadoes and hurricanes, writing and reading. I play EVE Online, World of Warcraft and Starcraft II in my limited spare time. :3 Mostly though, I draw a lot, a lot. Between tattoo designs and commissions I'm pretty busy. I think you and I might have shared a life or a brain at some point - I feel like your comic representation of yourself and I are kindred spirits, living in an odd little alternate dimension that intersects at random with the world around us. I stumbled on your website. <3

  • Leigh

    18 Aug '10

    I'm Leigh, it rhymes with Li ^-^ I'm 16, I live in Scotland, have done all my life. I want to be an artist when I grow up. I could have been a professional swimmer if I joined a club, I do gymnastics which I love. I'm a techno head, but I love indie and lots of other music as well :3. I love cats, I love shoelace the most. I play pokémon red a lot. I love zombies but they scare me :( I am obsessed with Zelda and occasionally wish Link was real so I could marry him :3 I have lots of chickens and guinea pigs and I hate snow.

  • Nadine

    19 Aug '10

    Hi, I'm Nadine. I'm a 17 year old female of the homorhythmic variety. I'm from Massachusetts and I have a nuclear family.. And a rabbit named Bunny. Well, his full name is Sir Iggins Regal Higglebottom the Third, but he recognizes Bunny. He's such a diva. Anyways, I can't ride bikes or swim very well, but what I lack in physical stamina and prowess I make up for in Little Big Planet skillz and easy going-ness. I'm entering my senior year of highschool and plan on continuing on to college to become a counselor. I wouldn't say I'm a music buff, but I'm a choir queer and a music addict. Really, I'll listen to and enjoy just about anything .. Except for current Country and most Horrorcore. I spend a lot of time Stumbling (second time I've come across your delightful site), reading synopsis' of movies I'll probably never see, and wishing I had artistic talent. I'm a huge fan of horror movies, scary stories, roller coasters, and scaring myself in general. But, I am genuinely afraid of water and the vile beings that lurk just beneath it's seemingly placid surface. I like my curly hair and keep it nice and short. I'm kind of a grammar Nazi, but I typically type how I speak. Running is the bane of my existence; writing is my crutch. I'm one of those New Agey garbage kind of people, but hey, it gets me through the day. I'm sorry, but cats are evil and I love clementines when eaten correctly. I love you and your comic and wish you nothing but the best for you and your cherished ones.

  • Nadine

    19 Aug '10

    Oh my lord, wall of text, I'm so sorry.

  • Steve

    19 Aug '10

    Hello. My name is Stephen. 17 and come from Ye Olde New Hampshire. I don't do much, I skateboard and hang out with my friend. Which involves us sitting at one of our houses until we get so bored we usually end up bowling. I am also a big history nerd, and am a Civil-War Re-enactor in the 15th Massachusetts and the 4th Alabama. After high school I'm enlisting in the USMC and then going to college to become a teacher. I love amusment parks and riding rollercoasters. Yankee Cannonball at Canobie Lake Park is my favorite out of all the ones I've been on. And I enjoy listening to the music of Two Gallants, Adam Haworth Stephens (Guitar and vocals of 2GS) and Stan Rogers, A great Canadian song writer. I have two cats. Katrina who is 14 or so. And a lone kitten. We just lost the kitten's mother and two kitten pals. Your comics remind me of my friend. The way she acts is exactly like your comic self. Well. I'm wierd. And must be off. Goodbye and goodluck!

  • Steve

    19 Aug '10

    Uhh..Hang out with my friends...I have more than one..

  • Stine

    20 Aug '10

    I`m Stine and i come and live in Norway :D only have a hamster named Hamster, and a housecat named Simba wich make terreible catnoises :S I love your comics, and i found them using stumbleupon <3

  • Maureen

    21 Aug '10

    Hi! c: I'm Maureen, my great loves include Einstein, Link {Legend of Zelda}, Math, and Physics. I'm 15 and I live in the USA :D I recently stumbled upon your comic and I fell in love right away! I can't stop reading it c': I have a cat as well, my brother named him Furball; but he's not as sweet as yours seemingly is :c. Oh, also, I collect people :D Nothing weird though just friend people, I promise. Anywaysss, I love your art and I hope you never stop making these adorable comics! C: They complete me. <3

  • Hannah

    22 Aug '10

    Hi :D I'm Hannah and I'm from Plymouth, Massachusetts. I'm a History/PoliSci major. I'm 19. I have a chihuahua and three cats. I love Bob Dylan. I drink way too much tea and I like earthy things. I'm single. Your comic is the most adorable thing I've ever seen :D

  • abi

    22 Aug '10

    hi i'm abi and i once ate so many carrots i turned orange. true story. i like carrots :) the orange rubbed off eventually :)

  • Nik

    22 Aug '10

    hi, I'm Nicholas, like to be called Nik, I'm currently 16 years old born on July 1st 1994, live in New-Brunswick Canada, up to now i had 1 hamster, 1 bird and 2 dogs (who both have die way early), i love animals, think of myself as quite acceptable in a gamers point of view, i have a passion for chemistry and electrical phenomenas. I'm also a geek and know allot of random information, and I know more then most people think ;3 p.s.: i get carried away easily :D

  • Sam

    22 Aug '10

    I'm Sam, a female Sam. I was born in Spain. I live in Pennsylvania. I'm 20 years old. My main three heritages are Irish, Polish and English. (No Spanish, I was just born in Spain, my dad was in the military.) I'm a vegetarian. I have two dogs and two cats (one is lying on me right now), and an anole. I'll be going to school for filmmaking in October. I have an addictive personality. I have a great sense of humor and love to make people laugh. :)

  • Anna

    23 Aug '10

    I'm Anna I live in Georgia (the state ;) ) I'm 20 years old I'm addicted to reading, horror movies, and video games I have a chow-german shepard mix named Chocolate, she's my love I'll have an Associates in History this coming Spring I tutor writing I can't wait to travel the world and dig up the past I can't wait to join my boyfriend in Austin, Texas And your comics are just the greatest <3

  • Becky

    24 Aug '10

    OH MY GOD, I HAVE FINALLY FOUND SOMEONE ELSE WHO IS ALSO AFRAID OF PEACOCK FEATHERS. I am a 16 year old Chinese girl who currently resides in New Zealand.

  • Matt

    25 Aug '10

    I'm Matt, i live in Iasi which is a city in Romania, i'm 21, i study architecture, i love cheese :)) and i treat my laptop as a person :D

  • emma

    28 Aug '10

    hi li i'm emma. i live in washington and my favorite things are dinosaurs and bananas. i have two dogs named gracie and suki and two snakes, sammi and coug. i'm fourteen. i have diabetes and i wear glasses. my dog sleeps on mu bed with me and i sleep with a teddy bear. i am a spy for a secret organization that does research projects for a country i made up

  • Holly

    30 Aug '10

    Hi Li! My name is Holly. I'm 22 years old. I'm currently majoring in English Literature. I'm taking a semester or two off of school because this year will be my 5th year of university, and I've changed my major six times. I want to take some time to think so i don't change it again. One day I will finish university, then I will become an elementary school teacher. I like manga and graphic novels. I want to be a voice actress, but I refuse to move to LA or Texas so that will never happen. I really want a cat and some dogs one day. For now my mother hates animals, and I can't have pets at school. I'm Canadian. I don't know what else to say. I love your comics, you remind me of myself in many random ways. OH! I once wore a plush cow as a hat all day.

  • Kenneth

    31 Aug '10

    Hello, Li, I'm 14, I live in Ireland, I love horror games and horror movies, And I love Jackass, Viva La Bam and Wildboyz. Eh heh... and I like Sitcoms like the IT Crowd, Father Ted and Friends. :D I used to have like 4 cats. *Shrug* And atm, I have 3 dogs and 2 Goldfish. In total of pets I had in my life would be... 50.

  • Rowan

    31 Aug '10

    Hi, I'm Rowan, and despite the fact that I have a boys name (glares menacingly at my mother who got my name from an Ann Rice novel she's never read) I am actually a girl. I'm sixteen, and I live in Chicago in the US. I'm... kind of a nerd. I watch Joss Whedon TV shows religiously, along with Doctor Who. I really like sci-fi/fantasy in case that wasn't glaringly obvious (that's like the second time I've said the word glare in this, gosh that's so negative of me!) I really like history. In fact, I collect random history facts for fun. I love to draw, act, and play the cello (badly is always better!). I used to have two cats, Maggie and Simon, but they were both older than me. One died of kidney failure and the other just sort of... stopped... after she turned senile and forgot where her litter box was. Awkward. Anyways, I've got a little brother who's going to be the Nikola Tesla of the 21st century except without the germaphobia. When I'm older I'm going to take over the state of Ohio and turn it into a Communist state much to my grandfathers chagrin (and to everyone else's amusement. They don't believe in me...) I am afraid of mummies (especially Incan ones, my Anthro teacher went to Peru this summer promising to bring back pictures. I told him if he did that I would never step foot near his class again.), deep water (kinda bad for a swimmer), and man-made heights. That's me in a nutshell. Sort of a coconut sized-nutshell. But a nutshell none the less!

  • ruby

    03 Sep '10

    hi ^^ my names ruby im 17 i like anime, manga,rpgs i plan on joining the air force = 3= wen i lose some waight i hate ants, feet,sudden unnessesary noses =~= i love potatos:D,i have a cat named sunoko after my fav. character :3 i like scary movies >:3 and sad tear jerkers (i~i) i like your art its simple yet refreashing :D

  • sarah

    05 Sep '10

    <3 i love cats too!

  • Sarah

    06 Sep '10

    I love Black Books! Me, my flatmate and her boyfriend are blatantly Manny, Bernard and Fran, my flatmate went away and me and her boyfriend spent 3 solid days drinking, we were very close to roasting bees! May i recommend Spaced, Green Wing and IT Crowd?!

  • Beth

    06 Sep '10

    Dear Li, i just stumbled upon your comics. they make me happy. we have the same thumbs. lets be friends.

  • sean patrick

    07 Sep '10

    I stumbled upon this comic, its general cute honesty has grown upon my brain like a nice fungal colony. After going to school for photographiez (a paltry examplehttp://seanwithcamera.daportfolio.com/), I moved back in with my parents in the middle bit of California. Cheers, and please continue making such a happy and interesting comic. spl

  • mike

    07 Sep '10

    my name is mike i just found your comic my wife draws a comic as well and she is freakishly like you i love technology i am a phone guru google is awesome i am a manager i want to be a web designer

  • Santi

    08 Sep '10

    Oh hi i'm santi from spain i love this comics, found them today yeah they're pretty amazing i have a dog but i love cats more than dogs. my dog is the best dog of the world though i would like to have a cat but it would probably eat neighbours' bird so i don't have any i mean i eat other animals too but not neighbours' i study computing annnnnnnnnnd yeah that's pretty much it. first webcomic that wants me to tell something so i do. kind of funny :D P.S. spiders eat mosquitoes so they're not that bad, are they?

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